Random Asshole Calls Himself Again

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Random Asshole Calls Himself Again was a prank call made by TheGoldenPhone sometime prior to the suspension of his original account, likely in 2009. It was his third call to the Random Asshole, and the second using his own voice. The call was reuploaded upon "Golden" creating a replacement account. The video holds the rare distinction among prank calls on YouTube of being flagged for content and therefore being age-restricted, although this is not the case with any other calls to the victim.


Following the previous call, TheGoldenPhone, once again, updated the victim's soundboard, using material gained from the aforementioned prank. Armed with this, he called the aptly-named Random Asshole with his own voice again, yielding more humorous and colorful responses from him.

Call transcripts[edit]

Note that due to the nature of the call, not all dialogue can be efficiently transcribed.

Call One[edit]

[Phone rings]
Random Asshole: [Name bleeped out]
Soundboard: Hello?
Random Asshole: Hello?
Soundboard: Who the fuck is this?
Random Asshole: Well, it's supposed to be somebody that's really fucked up, like you.
Soundboard: Why did you call this fuckin' phone?
Random Asshole: I don't know, but you're talking to your dad.
Soundboard: Why the fuck are you calling this phone?
Random Asshole: I don't know, but are you awake?
Soundboard: Come and meet me; I'll beat the fuck - I'll beat your face in so fuckin' hard. Why don't you be a man, and call from a real number?
Random Asshole: [Pauses for several seconds] FUCK YOU, AARON!
Soundboard: You're a fuckin' asshole.
Random Asshole: You're an asshole!
Soundboard: Fuck you, you cocksucker!
Random Asshole: You're a dickfuck.
Soundboard: You got cuntwads sticking out your face.
Random Asshole: Go fuck yourself!
Soundboard: Balls stuck in your throat, you fuckass?
[Hangs up]

Call Two[edit]

== [Phone rings]hey you ugly mother fucker. Go fuck yourself
Random Asshole: Hey, fuckwad!
Soundboard: What, you got nothing better to do than keep dialin' on the phone, you asswipe?
Random Asshole: You fuckwad, what's your problem? Can't you find a home, buddy?
Soundboard: [Talking over an unintelligible RA] Fuck you so hard, motherfucker!
Random Asshole: ...What the fuck has you?
Soundboard: You're a fucker, you asshole.
Random Asshole: You got shit in here, buddy!
Soundboard: What you need to do...
Random Asshole: You need to be a fruit-cum fuckwad!
Soundboard: What??
Random Asshole: YOU HEARD ME!
Soundboard: Asswipe! Asshead.
Random Asshole: Dickwad motherfucker.
Soundboard: SHIT. Pussyhead.
Random Asshole: Suck an ass, you cocksucker!
Soundboard: Cockwipe!
Random Asshole: Blow yourself, and stick your dick in your mouth!
Soundboard: Fuck you, you big pussyhead!

[End of call]

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