Random Asshole Calls Himself

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Random Asshole Calls Himself is a prank call made sometime in 2009 or early 2010 to the Random Asshole with the newly established soundboard of his own voice, all done by TheGoldenPhone. Although the concept of victims implausibly not being able to recognize their own voice was hardly a novel concept by the time of the approximately eighty five-second call, the Random Asshole exhibited a more bizarre approach, as evidenced by his injecting incoherent and often profane epithets towards himself into the dialogue, some of which bested his already seemingly arbitrary insults from the original prank call that gave rise to his sobriquet. At times, it can be difficult to discern his creative remarks amid a heated exchange with his soundboard. In spite of this, the call is highly regarded for its uniquely cynical humor. New lines drawn from this call would later be incorporated into the existing soundboard, setting the stage for the Random Asshole to be called once more with his own voice.

Call Transcripts[edit]

Note that all audio is distinguishable enough to be transcribed

[*name is bleeped*]
RA Soundboard: Hello?
Random Asshole: Hello?
RA Soundboard: Who the fuck is this?
Random Asshole: Who's this?
RA Soundboard: Why did you call this fuckin' phone?
Random Asshole: Who called... what number?
RA Soundboard: Why the fuck are you calling this phone?
Random Asshole: Who is this?
RA Soundboard: You want me to fuck your fuckin' face in, bitch?
Random Asshole: Yeah, come and do it!
RA Soundboard: Why don't you come and meet me? I'll fuckin' beat you so fuckin' hard, you piece of shit.
Random Asshole: What?
RA Soundboard: I don't know what the fuck you're talking about! You sound like you got big balls stuck in your throat.
Random Asshole: You're a fuckin' asshole.
RA Soundboard: Why don't you come and meet me? I'll fuckin' beat you so fuckin' - [soundboard halted]
Random Asshole: Yeah, fuck you, you big pussyhead!
RA Soundboard: I'll fuck you so hard, motherfucker!
Random Asshole: Fuck you, you cocksucker!
[Overlapping with soundboard] Go have a heart attack, you fuckin' pussy! How long is it, about a quarter of an inch?
RA Soundboard: - Cut your fuckin' throat off!
Random Asshole: You got no balls, buddy.
RA Soundboard: Why don't you be a real man, and tell me who you are?
Random Asshole: You know what? Why don't you be a man, and call from a real number?
[Following three lines continuously overlap]
RA Soundboard: I fear no man, and I'll never fear... fear your ass.
Random Asshole: I fear no man, too, pal. You're not a man, you're a pussy.
RA Soundboard: Balls stuck in your throat, you fuckass?
[Dialogue becomes rapid]
RA Soundboard: Asswipe!
Random Asshole: Asshead.
RA Soundboard: Cockwipe!
Random Asshole: Fuckin' asswipe.
RA Soundboard: Fuckwad.
Random Asshole: You got cuntwads stickin' out your face, fuckhole!
RA Soundboard: Dickfuck.
Random Asshole: Fuck you!
Random Asshole: Pussywipe!
[End of call]

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