Raging Dispatcher

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Raging Dispatcher
Traditional depiction of Raging Dispatcher


Prank Call Victim



The Raging Dispatcher is a repugnant dispatcher for a taxi company somewhere in Pennsylvania which was called five times during a series which would become known as “Taxi Rage”.[1][2][3][4][5] He has no qualms over giving personal information, having given his address, city and company, all of which have been censored in the calls. He claims that he makes $24 an hour, $400 a day at a menial taxi company. His most frequent insults are directed towards the notion that the callers are jerking off to his voice or to "kiddy porn."[6]


He was first called by TehPrankCaller and gave SBCallingYew the number, calling him with a soundboard of the Random Asshole. He knew that the callers were using Skype before he ever knew that he was talking to soundboards. In many calls, he would put them on hold and when picking up would comment on how they were talking to dead air for however many minutes. He also would barely ever let the caller have a word, showing that he’s a loud mouth. He would be called several more times with soundboards of the Yankee Tough Guy (several times), AA Asshole, the High Redneck, Epic Crazy Lady's Husband, Pissed-Off Telemarketer, Philly Thug, Rick the Mullet Man, Jackass Plumber, Screaming Lawyer and the Satanic Racist. During final call, he would tell the caller the time, apparently trying to trace the caller. He was clearly on edge and even spazzed out and screamed at the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard. At the end he apparently realizes that he’s talking to a soundboard.[7]