Racist Car Dealership Lady

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Racist Car Dealership Lady
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Depiction of Racist Car Dealership Lady


Prank Call Victim


Car dealership employee



early to-mid 40s





Racist Car Dealership Lady is a prank call victim who was discovered by Revolverocelot2501 in May 2011. The call was originally made at the request of a friend who had been called repeatedly by an unnamed car dealership. She is one of several dealership employees who spoke with Chinaman and quickly grew impatient with his inability to speak english. In a condecending and obnoxious tone, she mocked the caller by imitating his accent (e.g. pronouncing his name "doctal" as "pop tart") and told him to he could either "talk english or talk like a gook". She also spoke to Angry Father and Sephiroth to the amusement of her co-workers; according to the prankster, she had previously been called by Mr. T but immediately hung up each time.[1]

Although the prankster planned more calls to the woman, the dealership began using a third-party call center preventing him from directly talking to any of the employees.[1] Nevertheless, a victim soundboard was created by Revolverocelot2501 and used to call fellow telemarketers. It was featured on Realm of Darkness at one point but has since been removed.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "...what?"
  • "I don't know. You call my ... number."
  • "Who YOU looking for? You calling ME."
  • "No! This is cell phone. You wasting my minutes."
  • "I ... don't know. I don't understand."
  • "Why do you want my last name?"
  • "What's YOUR name?"
  • "Ok. Mine's Kurt Cobaine."
  • "Kurt! Go-bang!"
  • "G-o-b-a-n-g. Go-bang!"
  • "No, you don't know nothin'."
  • "If you continue to call me I am going to call the police. So you better stop."
  • "Bring it. Let's go."
  • "I don't care!"
  • "You're so stupid."
  • "Fine."
  • "Stop calling!"
  • (shrill laughter)
  • "What is it that you need?"
  • "Listen to you ranting and raving about something you don't even know what you're talking about."
  • "Ohh now you want to talk in gook language to me. Is that what you're doing?"
  • "Either you talk english or you talk like a gook. Which is it?"
  • "Why don't you go back to YOUR country and leave OUR country alone."
  • "Exactly! And you're recording this? You're saying those threats when your RECORDING it?"
  • "And I am putting a voodoo spell on you as we speak."
  • "Call the police. I don't really give a shit."
  • "See? Now you got english. Where did the english guy come from?"
  • "What are you on dude?"
  • "You need to BACK OFF of the mushrooms. Stop eating the mushrooms."
  • "I'm never gonna touch your daughter because she is pitiful-lookin'. NASTY."
  • "You are? Oh my goodness!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
May 6, 2011 Telemarketing Revenge 4: The Chinaman Cometh Revolverocelot2501 Racist Car Dealership Lady Original call. [1]
2011 Telemarketer Revenge 11: The Racist Car Dealership Lady demands no more calls Revolverocelot2501 Various [2]
October 30, 2011 Special Vengence 2: Recalling the Irresponsible People Revolverocelot2501 Couple [3]