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Prayer Lady
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dozerconstruction's Depiction of Prayer Lady


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Prayer Lady is a prank call victim of Duncan. She was apparently one of his later victims, an operator for a Christian chat line, however little is known about her. She was used to call Duncan, sometimes with Jesus Lady, shortly before his death.[1] Her calls were presumably removed during the 2011 Duncan Scare and are considered lost.

Later that year, a compilation of all the original calls to Duncan were reuploaded by EvenBloodierMargie. This included the third and final call made by Prayer Lady to Duncan.[2]


  • "Yes, Mr. Garrett. How may I enlist you of in prayer?"
  • "Ok. And how may I enlist you of in prayer this evening Mr. Garrett?"
  • "Ok. Absolutely, Mr. Garrett. Let's lift you up to the Lord. Lord let us pray."
  • "Dear Lord, I come to you today with my brother in Christ, Frank. We would like to thank you for this opportunity to come before your throne."
  • "Dear Lord, this Frank and I would come together on bended knee before you this evening. I'm lifting him up to you today, dear Lord, and I'm just asking that you open all avenues and doors of opportunity for Frank to receive any and all blessings that he is needing in his life. Dear Lord you know all the needs, wants, and desires of Frank's heart already, dear Lord, and I'm just asking that you open these windows of opportunity that you manifest or harvest, led us to him and releases upon him with extra measure dear Lord. Ameeen."

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2010 N/A N/A Prayer Lady Original call.
N/A Prayer Lady and Bible Man call Frank Garrett N/A Duncan
2010 Prayer Lady & Jesus Lady call Duncan zoltan5616 Duncan [1]
2010 Prayer Lady calls Duncan again zoltan5616 Duncan [1]
February 2011 Prayer Lady calls Duncan a third time zoltan5616 Duncan [1]


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