Posh Ealing Lady

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Posh Ealing Lady
Traditional Depiction of The Posh Ealing Lady


Prank Call Victim




West London, England


1926 (age 92–93)



The Posh Ealing Lady (real name: Joyce Cole) is a private person, living in a private house at a private address in West London, England. She was first called by RexPrankz in October 2014. More calls, including the Confused Old Lady, the Rudely Awoken Lady, and herself, soon followed.

In more recent calls, the Posh Ealing Lady has revealed she actually lives in East Acton, so the name may not be entirely accurate. On at least one occasion when called, a different woman answered the phone, possibly a relation, who in turn had a soundboard made of her (Housekeeper Lady). In another call she asked her brother Derek to answer the phone, in the belief that he would be able to explain to the caller that they hadn't rung anybody.

Posh Ealing Lady's depiction is the same one as the Rude Woman, albeit with a different background photoshopped in.

It is quite possible that Posh Ealing Lady is currently one of the oldest living soundboard victims, as the oldest, Wesley Cocks, died in June 2016.


Very little is known about the Posh Ealing Lady, due to her being such a private person. However, she seems to be close to her brother, Derek (in one such call she referred to him as her husband, which is strange) and explained that they had both lived in their house since it was built in the 50s. She also seems somewhat dubious of foreigners and has often mentioned speaking to "some Indian or foreign man" when trying to contact BT about nuisance calls.


  • "Hello?"
  • "It's Who?"
  • "Who, who are you?"
  • "Well who are you?"
  • "What do you mean, who am I?"
  • "Wha... what are you talking about"
  • "I haven't got a mobile phone, and there's nothing wrong with it, and this is a private house!"
  • "Please stop ringing this number; this is a private house and we do not want phone calls! I don't know who you're ringing but it's certainly not this number, please stop ringing!"
  • "Are you the person who rang me the other evening?"
  • "The name's Cole."
  • "This is a private address in Ealing!"
  • "How you've got hold of my number, I have no idea."
  • "Now I don't know who you are, and I wish you would stop ringing me because I have no connection with you whatsoever!"
  • "I am a private person living in Ealing"
  • "Are you ringing this number, what number are you ringing?"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
October 10, 2014 First Calls to The Posh Ealing Lady RexPrankz Posh Ealing Lady [1]
October 16, 2014 The Posh Ealing Lady Calls Some Restaurants RexPrankz Various [2]
October 18, 2014 The Posh Ealing Lady Calls a Bonkers Brothel RexPrankz Bonkers Brothel [3]
October 26, 2014 Confused Old Lady and Rudely Awoken Lady Call the Posh Ealing Lady RexPrankz Posh Ealing Lady [4]
January 5, 2015 Christmas Calls - 2014 RexPrankz Various [5]
January 10, 2015 More Calls to The Posh Ealing Lady + Her Housekeeper! RexPrankz Posh Ealing Lady/Her Housekeeper [6]
July 17, 2016 The Posh Ealing Lady Calls Herself Again! (Final Call) RexPrankz Posh Ealing Lady [7]


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