Pissed-Off Waitress

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Pissed-Off Waitress
Traditional depiction of the Pissed-Off Waitress (she is depicted by a picture of Tony-Award winning actress Jane Alexander)


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


employee of Denny's restaurant


unknown, possibly early 50's




At least one daughter (Jennifer)

The Pissed-Off Waitress (real name: Linda, last name unknown) is an employee at a Denny's restaurant. She is thought to possibly be the head waitress or night manager and answered the phone more than any other employee when the restaurant was called. While the location of the Denny's is unknown, her accent indicates she is probably from the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. A more specific clue about here whereabouts was in a now deleted Youtube video featuring a prank call involving the Pissed-Off Waitress claimed she worked at a Denny's in New Jersey.

Prank History[edit]

She was first prank called by the Racist Barmaid (real name: Jennifer) and the Blockbuster Bitch and then later by Junkyard Willie, with hilarious results; however, her biggest moment of fame arrived when she was nearly driven to insanity by repeated late night calls from Duncan over a period of several months. Adding to the humor of the situation, she eventually put two-and-two together, realized that Duncan was a soundboard but erroneously concluded that "Jennifer" from the earlier calls was a real person who was behind the whole thing. As a result, Linda took to accusing anyone who called her (even the gravel-voiced Junkyard Willie) of really being Jennifer and on at least one occasion, could be heard ranting to someone in the background that she was "so sick and tired of her."

Ironically, during one of the calls, it was also revealed that the Pissed-Off Waitress apparently has a daughter who is also named Jennifer, leading at least one employee to mistakenly think that the Racist Barmaid was her calling for her mom. The entire exchange happened as follows:

Denny's employee: Denny's, may I [unintelligible]?
Racist Barmaid: My man talks more shit than you do!
Denny's employee: Hello? Can I help you?
Racist Barmaid: Hello?
Denny's employee: Yeah?
Racist Barmaid: This is Jennifer.
Denny's employee: Jennifer?
Racist Barmaid: Yeah.
Denny's employee: (to someone in background) Oh, Jennifer!
Pissed-Off Waitress: (talking in background) I know! My daughter is Jennifer, but that's NOT my daughter!
Denny's employee: (turns her attention back to the phone) Hello?
Racist Barmaid: Hello?
Denny's employee: Who do you want to talk to?
Racist Barmaid: What are you, black?
Denny's employee: [*hangs up*]

In the final exchange involving the Pissed-Off Waitress she again asserts her belief that Jennifer was in fact behind everything:

Duncan: Did your momma not give you any toys to play with when you was young?
Pissed-Off Waitress: You're momma's over here giving blowjobs.
Duncan: Oh go to hell!
Pissed-Off Waitress: (to someone in the background) It's Jennifer. It's Jennifer on the phone. The poor little girl with no friends ain't got nothing better to do than call up midnight and play on the phone.
Duncan: Hey lemme tell you how I feel: Fuck you!
Pissed-Off Waitress: (continuing to talk to person in the background) Yeah, and then she plays computer games 'cause she knows that prank call website, and has some man's voice on here calls and tells us they're gonna kill us and they're gonna do this and that. (She returns her attention to the phone) And I keep telling her BRING IT ON!!
Duncan: I don't give a shit...
Pissed-Off Waitress: (returning to person in the background) No just leave it like that and I'll leave it up... I am so sick and tired of her!

Her allusion to 'That prank-call website' indicates she may know of Realm Of Darkness, and is one of the very few instances where a prank-call victim has ever professed knowledge of it or indeed any prank-call website and soundboards in general.

Following the final calls to her, she was given her own soundboard, which has been used in multiple calls. However, she has not been called since and it is unknown if she is still employed by Denny's or not.


  • "Thank you for calling Denny's."
  • "Oh, you know what? I'm sick of your crap!"
  • "Least I got a job, bitch! I ain't on the welfare system havin' my mother support me!"
  • "You know what? You ought to get a job...or something that you have to do, rather than just make prank phonecalls, 'cause we're getting damn sick of it and we're about to sign a complaint."
  • "Oh, they called last night, they're just...IDIOTS!"
  • "Get off welfare and get a job."
  • "Hey, your mama's here, baby! Your mama's here! Guess what she's doing? Huh? Want to know what your mama's doing? Want to know what your mama's doing in here?! Huh? You wanna tart? Your mama's in here...goin' down on somemone."
  • "Your mama's over here givin' blow-jobs."
  • "Ohhhhh, guess who it is? It's the hillbilly with the...foul language."
  • "Oh, the lunatic is on the phone again!"
  • "You know what, Jennifer, I don't have time for you. I have...this is my job. And...you know what? If you don't have anything better to do, get off welfare and get a job!"
  • "You know what? This is my job. You want to ta...you want to talk to me? Call me at my house! You're so smart, find that number."
  • "Fuck you, asswipe!"
  • "Havin' fun, asshole?!?!"
  • "Haha! Good, does it feel good? It figures 'cause all you're ever gonna get's a handjob!"
  • "Hey! You know what? Jennifer! Hey, Jennifer! We know who you are."
  • "Listen Jennifer, I want you to hear this: this is my cellphone, it's dialling the police. It's going to have it trace your phone and have make a complaint to your parents, because I'm certainly too... you're too young to be, or BRAIN-DEAD, to have... be living on your own."

Prank calls[edit]

The Pissed-Off Waitress has been a soundboard that has had moderate usage and high popularity. Purely in terms of her choice of phrases, she comes across as someone with a strong personality and ostensible dislike of the unemployed or those on welfare. Like many victim soundboards, she has been used paradoxically to complain to her own victims about them calling her and annoying her, and threatens to call the police and have them trace the caller, causing confusion on the other end of the line. However, uniquely she has the dialogue of telling her victims to "Get off welfare and get a job", and boasts about having job herself. This equally causes confusion particularly in prank calls to phone agencies, where her victims actually do have jobs and insist to her that they would not be talking to her if they didn't.

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2009 Racist Barmaid & Blockbuster Bitch Prank Calls Gabe B. Pissed-Off Waitress Original call. [1]
2009 Racist Barmaid & Junkyard Willie call the Pissed Off Waitress Gabe B. Pissed-Off Waitress [2]
2009 Duncan calls a Restaurant Gabe B. Pissed-Off Waitress [3]
N/A Pissed off Waitress calls MasterCard Realm of Darkness Female victim [4]
N/A Pissed off Waitress calls The Collection Agency Realm of Darkness Female victim [5]
N/A Pissed-Off Waitress and Tom call an Angry Farmer Male victim Lost call
May 3, 2009 Joe Pesci calls the bar payphone Part 2, Chinaman calls after Nomadcowatbk Various [6]
N/A Pissed off waitress calls payphones at college near the bar Nomadcowatbk Various [7]
N/A Pissed off waitress calls the bar payphone Nomadcowatbk Lauren the Drunk STD Girl [8]
N/A Pissed off waitress calls bar payphone again Nomadcowatbk Various [9]
N/A Pissed Off Waitress Calls The "Unemployed" While Sal Acts Like A Child Brian79camino Male victim [10]
N/A Pissed off waitress calls high school payphone Nomadcowatbk Various [11]
N/A Pissed off waitress calls bar payphone yet again, Bar Guy calls Space Needle Payphone Nomadcowatbk Various [12]
N/A Pissed off waitress, Tom, and Duncan call a water park Nomadcowatbk [13]
N/A Pissed off waitress calls payphone at Space Needle Nomadcowatbk Various [14]
April 19, 2010 Pissed Off Waitress Calls a Random Place PoopCalls [15]
December 5, 2010 Bait Shop Guy & POed Waitress TheMerlinOfAR Young couple [16]
June 8, 2011 Ventrilo Harassment - Pissed off Waitress Annoys a Douche Seeker4it [17]
January 29, 2013 Pissed Off Waitress and Bail Bondsman Make some Calls TheChrisv420 Married couple, flower shop [18]
September 1, 2013 Pissed-Off Waitress calls Radio Show Frank Garrett Hosts of a talk radio show [19]



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