Pissed-Off Racist

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Pissed-Off Racist
Traditional depiction of the Pissed-Off Racist


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Early to mid 30s




Yellville, Arkansas




One wife


1 baby

The Pissed-Off Racist is an Arkansas resident with an extreme disdain for black people. He has been called by the Black Guy at least four times, though only two calls have been recorded and released. He was first called as early as July 4, 2010,[1] and later as late as July 6.[2]

TheGoldenPhone was responsible for the calls, and has transformed him into a soundboard,[3] though it has yet to be employed in any prank calls.


The Pissed-Off Racist, a resident of Yellville, Arkansas,[4] has a wife and likely one recent baby, whom the calls allegedly had disturbed, according to the Pissed-Off Racist's wife.[5] His wife, just as racist as himself, can be heard remarkably clearly ranting to someone in the background about the calls. While parts of her call have the structure of a call to the police, she seems to be relatively comfortable with the person on the other line. More notable is her raging racist rhetoric, which she does not veil from whomever she called.[6] At the finale of the final call, where a brief appearance by Irate Black Man was made, he adopted a more moderate approach towards the Black Guy (at least in contrast to his wife), and denied that he was racist.[7]


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Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 4, 2010 Angry Black Guy calls a Pissed off Racist TheGoldenPhone2 Pissed-Off Racist Original call. [1]
July 6, 2010 Angry Black Guy calls the Pissed off Racist again TheGoldenPhone2 Pissed-Off Racist [8]