Pissed-Off Dispatcher

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Pissed-Off Dispatcher
TheGoldenPhone's depiction of P.O.D.


James "Jim" Thompson


Prank Call Victim, Soundboard


Hard to tell due to his unique voice; Possibly 40's or 50's.


Dispatcher at "Airport Taxi"


Houston, Texas

The Pissed-Off Dispatcher was the victim of a prank call by TheGoldenPhone, who used a Chris the Hacker soundboard. Chris calls a dispatcher to complain about calls to his number which he was going to consider harassment.

The dispatcher became immediately offended, telling the caller to go have sexual relations with members of his family and even the caller's self. For the rest of the call, he offers some elaborate responses to the accusations as well as some unique humor. Due to his immediate offense at the call, there is the possibility that Jim had been pranked before, and he immediately recognized the caller's voice and rants.

After the initial assault, the dispatcher was called back with a soundboard of himself, provoking him to give more insults, and then called yet again with Chris The Hacker, followed by an unknown redneck soundboard. The dispatcher was kept on the phone for some more time, to record more variations of his earlier lines.

Personality & Rediscovery[edit]

The Dispatcher's voice is relatively unique, having a gruff, aged sound to it. The voice is comparable to the Smoker, but the voice does not sound nearly as compromised; his voice may not even be damaged at all.

The depiction chosen was likely picked partly due to the telephone static in TheGoldenPhone's original call.

In June of 2014 the Pissed-Off Dispatcher was rediscovered by prank caller Jack Inoff, who made a brief call to him using the Meat Grinder Mike soundboard. Over the years the dispatcher's gruff, hostile nature hasn't improved.[1] A prank interview with James Thompson was performed and posted to YouTube; A prankster entertains some of Jame's hostilities for our amusement. A prankster reveals that James shares many of the sentiments about Obama as Rick The Mullet Man.

Cut Content[edit]

The prank call contains portions that were not included in the final recording. Evidence of this material can be found by observing the lost soundboard made by TheGoldenPhone2. It is possible that this portion of the prank call was omitted due to it not being funny.

The sound-clips from the cut content reveal that his name is likely to be Jim Thompson and more explanations he made to the caller, about how dispatchers don't randomly call people asking if they want a ride, since nobody would be interested.


  • "Hey, go fuck yourself in the ass, I don't even understand what you're talking about man!"
  • "Yeah, fuck-you-in-the-ass you dumb shit, go fuck your mama, fuck your wife, and fuck your little daughter. Fuckin' dig up your grandmother and fuck her too."
  • "Fuck you, fuck your mama, fuck your dad, fuck everyone-I don't know what your problem is you motherfucker, go fuck yourself!"
  • "Why would we want to call you?! You're not paying us to ride a car."
  • "Good, I'm going to terrorize your ass then, how about that. When you're asleep at 5 in the morning I'm walking in."
  • "Hey let me tell you something dickhead: you're the biggest motherfucker I've ever seen, you've called us 22 times, you're stressed out on alcohol, cocaine, Oxycodone or something, don't do anything, fuck-you-in-the-ass you dickhead. Check your phone, we've never called you fucker."
  • "You're the one walking around with the dick in the ass; go take some more cocaine motherfucker!"
  • "Go fuck-you-in-the-ass!"
  • "Have you heard of a man by the name of Obama?"
    • "Okay, 35,000 drivers unemployed, 750 companies bankrupt."
    • "Hey fuck you in the ass, fuck Obama in the ass, fuck your mama in the ass."
    • "Hey you don't even know what you're talking about man. You're living in a nightmare right now under Obama and don't even know it.
    • "You got 26% of your generation, graduated from college, can't even get a fucking job."
    • "You're the generation of Burger King, and McDonald's people with degrees."
    • "Enjoy your poverty sir."

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