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Traditional Depiction of Phuckboy


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


mid-to late 20s




New York(?)

Phuckboy (also known as Phuckboi or Philly Phuckboy) is a prank call victim of Angry Black Gangsta. His response to the call was so humorous that the prankster called the victim back with a soundboard of his own voice a short time later. Little is known about him. The original call was considered lost for a while. However, it was re-uploaded to YouTube by Quitspazzin on June 23, 2012.[1]


  • "Did I fuckin' stutter?!"
  • "Eat my dick. Eat my motherfuckin' dick!"
  • "Hey fuck you. How about that, Phuckboy?"
  • "I'm gonna beat you're god-damned face in and break every fuckin' bone in it!. Yeah, then you can go around looking like a transvestite, be the little hoe that you want to be!"
  • "Mah, I didn't call nothin' motherfucker. How about that?"
  • "What?!"
  • "Who the hell is this?!"
  • "Yeah...first off, Phuckboy, you got the wrong god-damned number. Second off, you don't know who the fuck you talkin' to. Third off, I'll beat your god-damn head in. Phuckboy."
  • "You call my number again and I'll beat your punk ass...Phuckboy!"
  • "You know what you can do? You can come on over and suck my motherfuckin' fat dick, bitchboy!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Phuckboy vs Phuckboy Phuckboy Original call. [1]
N/A Phuckboy and Rick the Mullet Man Tag Team [2]
N/A Phuckboy And ECLH Arnold Schwarzenigger Female victim [3]
N/A Phuckboy Calls Some Russian Guy With Help From The Latin Guy Brian79camino Racist Russian [4]
N/A High Redneck, Phuckboy, And Looney Metal Worker Brian79camino Various [5]
N/A Philly Phuckboy Brian79camino Various [6]
N/A Phuckboy And Depressed Guy Brian79camino Various [7]
February 4, 2010 Phuck Boy calls Pussy Thug back and Philly Thug can't order a pizza TheBigBlackGuy1 Various [8]
May 14, 2010 TOY CHEST!: DMF Mothers Day + DMF calls his HOE at PHHIIIVE + DSG calls herself enjoiCam Various This was a live call from The Toy Chest. [9]
June 29, 2010 Phuckboy calls Bitchboy 8DuncanConstruction8 Male victim [10]
June 30, 2010 Young Redneck, Gay Florist, Angry Mother And Son, And Phuckboy Exchange A Few Words Brian79camino Female victim [11]
August 7, 2010 Yankee Tough Guy and Phuckboy call Manhattan Restaurant N2X2 Male victim [12]
October 13, 2010 The Gang Calls Roll Call (Road Call) Firstcomingg Male victim [13]
November 7, 2010 Phuckboy and his Wigger brother harass a girl PrankBizkit Female victim [14]
February 7, 2011 Phuckboy gets into a verbal quarrel and more Trendyrapslut Various [15]
December 26, 2011 Phuckboy calls white gangstaaaaaaaa Calliwoodproduction Male victim [16]


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