Phat Dat Restaurant

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Phat Dat Restaurant
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Phat Dat Restaurant


Prank Call Victim Location

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Corporate Address

460 E William St, San Jose, CA 95112

Phat Dat Restaurant was a Vietnamese American restaurant located in San Jose, California, which was the victim of a prank call made by CrazyHermit using the Vietman soundboard. According to many reviewers, it actually had decent food and good service, but as of 2018, Phat Dat has since shut down[1], and has been replaced by another Vietnamese restaurant, called Pho Cong Ly[2].


(These are all the quotes in Vietnamese)

* "Phat Dat Restaurant, how may I help you sir?"

* "Sir, are you mentally retarded or have some kind of issue?"


* "Okay, do it then!"

* "You motherfucker, what the hell is your problem? You want dick? You got some issues come here then! You want dick here? Motherfucker, I am speaking politely, YOU should be the one speaking politely."

* "You don't fucking even know how to cuss in Vietnamese so go back back to fucking grade school then!"

* "You motherfucking dick, I'll beat your ass if you come here now!"

* "Dude, what the fuck is your problem?!? This shit is starting to get old! I'll give your fucking phone number to the cops! Are you just calling here to mess around?! What the hell do you want?!?!"

* "*pffsh* what the fu--, wh-who the hell are you even calling?"

* "Huh? You want me to give the cops your freaking phone number?"

* "I'm gonna give your phone number to the police and say that you're screwing around with my business!"

* "Huh? What is called 'motherfuck'?? I am saying PHAT DAT RESTAURANT! But are you even listening and hearing what I'm saying?! Do you even understand Vietnamese!?!"

* "Motherfucker, who the hell do you think you are!?!?"

* "You dick motherfucking dick!!! You want dick what?! Motherfucker, do you want me to give the cops your fucking phone number right now??"

* "You hear me?!"

* "Didn't say shit!"

* "What is called 'motherfuck'???"

* "Do you even understand Vietnamese?!?! Cause I'm speaking Vietnamese to you right now! Huh? What is called 'motherfuck'?"

* "Motherfucker, do you even know what 'PHAT DAT'???"

* "Fuck you motherfucking dick dumbass. Fuck you asshole."

* "If you have some fucking balls, come here then!"

* "Then fucking come here then!"

* "Alright fucking come over here! You keep saying you're coming then get the fuck over here then!"

* "I said just get the fuck over here instead of just fucking harassing me over the fucking phone you jerk!"

* "Motherfucker, I'll chop your fucking head off! Just fucking come over here! I'll get your ass real good!"

* "Huh?"

* "Who the hell do you think you are???"

* "Fuck dude, I have been speaking politely to you! Why are you calling here and harassing my place?"

* "Motherfucker! It's 'PHAT DAT'!! What is 'motherfuck'? I didn't say any fucking word and you're already saying 'motherfuck"

* "I have not even said 'motherfuck' to you yet!"

* "YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE SPEAKING POLITELY. Calling my restaurant and accusing me of this shit."

* "Huh? You motherfucking asshole you stupid ignorant prick! I didn't say shit to you so now I will so (in English) MOTHERFUCK YOU DAWG! WHAT!"

* "Why don't you just bring your fucking dick over here then? Huh? You sound like you got balls so bring your dick here! I'll give the cops your phone number right now!"

* "It's so easy because this is a business you idiot! So if you got dick, say something!"

* "You crazy fuck! You want to know what the real motherfucking word is?"

* "I'll find you, cuss motherfuck at me all you want you dick because I'll get the cops on your fucking ass!!!!"