Peter Popoff

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Peter Popoff
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Peter Popoff


Celebrity Soundboards


televangelist, self-proclaimed prophet, fraudulent faith healer




American, formerly (German)


Bradbury, California

Peter Popoff is a German-American faith healer and convicted fraudster, and the president of Peter Popoff Ministries.

Popoff became known to the prank community after the discovery of an order line for his latest product, Miracle Springwater, which would apparently be given a personalized blessing from Popoff following payment.


A soundboard was made using clips of Popoff from this order line, which featured various questions (originally each followed by a tone) and several unusual lines pleading with the caller not to hang up. It was used by the prankster zoltan5616 to call the most famous soundboard prank call victim of all time, Duncan, in 2010 and prompted a response from him in which he told Popoff repeatedly to hurry up.

This call was made prior to the release of any Popoff soundboard - zoltan5616 presumably made one for the call but did not post it anywhere. However, shortly after the call was made, a Peter Popoff soundboard was posted on Realm of Darkness by the user Chugboat.

Order line Prank Calls[edit]

Following the discovery of the order line and during the creation of Peter Popoff's soundboard, numerous calls were placed to it and false details left after each tone. These would have been sent to Popoff's organization, so in some ways he is also a prank call victim as well as a celebrity soundboard.

The soundboard was also used in a call to Chris the Hacker, who responded to the questions asked by imitating Popoff's voice.

Several other 3-way calls were also made between the order line, a (silent) prankster and a victim, who, believing they were getting a highly irritating telemarketing call from Popoff, often left profane or otherwise unusual comments after the each tone, which would have no confused Popoff or the staff at his organization when it came to processing them. These calls are not currently on YouTube but the files are still available.