Officer Johnson

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Officer Johnson
Officer Johnson.png
Depiction of Officer Johnson


Prank Call Victim


Police officer (allegedly), probably a pimp


early to-mid 40s



Officer Johnson is a prank call victim who was discovered by Derangedpranks in September 2011. The prankster initially began calling a foul-mouthed prostitute using the Bail Bondsman and Angry Black Guy soundboards. It was during the sixth and final call that a man identifying himself as a police officer with the 44th precinct answered the phone and confronted the prankster.[1]

Despite identifying himself as a policeman, his language and overall demeanor suggests that it is more likely the woman put a male friend on the phone. In particular, he repeatedly refers to the caller as moneygrip, and at one stage states that should he or she call again, he will come and fuckin' arrest them.

The origin of the image depicting Johnson is unknown, but it appears to be some sort of stock photo for the search "angry police officer" or the like.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Yo, hold up, hold up money. Who you talkin' to here?"
  • "Yo, you got the wrong number money-grip. You got the wrong number."
  • "You've got the wrong number money. Ok?"
  • "Yo .. you are drunk or what?"
  • "Do not call this phone anymore. You are drunk and you dialin' the wrong number."
  • "Do NOT call this number ANYMORE."
  • "You drunk, don't call this number anymore."
  • "My name is Officer Johnson."
  • "I'm an officer at the 44th precinct."
  • "I will come and fuckin' arrest you. Ok?"
  • "I got your phone number. That's all I need money."
  • "Thank you."
  • "Have a nice day."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
September 1, 2011 Bail Bondsman Calls a Prostitute Derangedpranks Officer Johnson Original call. [1]
September 4, 2011 Officer Johnson calls a Hotel Spiceninja Male victim [2]
September 4, 2011 Officer Johnson Calls Back Derangedpranks Female victim [3]
September 25, 2011 Officer Johnson calls payphone near the bar Nomadcowatbk Various [4]
October 13, 2011 Telemarketer Revenge 27: Assult of the verification company Revolverocelot2501 Female victim [5]
October 13, 2011 Castle Motel Harassment WorldClassPrankster Castle Motel [6]
October 21, 2011 Scottish Lady and her cop friends call auto repair shops Zamot83 Various [7]
December 3, 2011 Rednecks Call a Girl Derangedpranks Female victim [8]
July 13, 2012 Officer Johnson Calls a Johnson Derangedpranks Male victim [9]
November 16, 2012 Special Vengeance 16: Pay your bills *not* (part the eleventh) Revolverocelot2501 Female victim [10]
January 5, 2013 Angry Black Guy, Officer Johnson and Harlem Barber Call Another Store SemberiaMedia Male victim [11]


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