Off-Duty Sheriff

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Off-Duty Sheriff
Depection of Off Duty Sheriff


Prank Call Victim


County sheriff, possibly retired


DeSoto County, Mississippi


1947 (age 71–72)





Off-Duty Sheriff (real name: Don) is a prank call victim who was discovered by Sir Cranksalot in July 2012. He claims to be a retired county sheriff living somewhere in the Horn Lake area of DeSoto County, Mississippi. He was first called by Satanic Racist and, during their conversation, gave the caller an open invitation to come to his house to fight.[1] He was later called by Rude Lawyer, Rick the Mullet Man, and Jackass Plumber during the next two months.[2] The Off-Duty Sheriff was officially "retired" as a victim when Sir Cranksalot called and apologized in the final call of the series.[3] A victim soundboard was created by the prankster and has been periodically used in other prank calls.


The image used to depict the Sheriff is of the character, Walt Longmire, from the 2012 TV series, Longmire (TV series), played by actor, Robert Taylor.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "Uhh, this is Don. Who's this?"
  • "Who's this .. Mitch?"
  • "Uhh .. you must have the wrong number."
  • "I didn't make a call to your number either."
  • "I don't know how in the fuck I'd of got your number."
  • "You have NO CLUE who you're messin' with."
  • "This is a DeSoto County Sheriff."
  • "You just have the police call ME, since you got my number and that, and I'll give them all the information."
  • "Your number's coming up as zero-zeros and that and you're doin' this shit on Skype or something so ... you know what? I hope you're enjoying yourself."
  • "Are you enjoyin' this Skype shit?"
  • "I've been hoping you'd call because, um, everything you're sayin' is being taped."
  • "So you know what? If you have my information then bring it on."
  • "Come on baby. Bring it the fuck on!"
  • "Knock on my door. I'll even pay for your gas money. How about that?"
  • "All I can say is .. you know what? You know where I'm at "supposedly". Bring it on."
  • "You're not gettin' to me whatsoever."
  • "It doesn't bother me a bit."
  • "I'm 65 years old."
  • "Oh no...I'm 65."
  • "Born in 1947 and put up with more bullshit from people then you'll ever see probobly."
  • "I'm making my phone call right now."
  • "Hello asshole."
  • "Would you quit callin' here? You know I'm gettin' tired of you callin' here when I'm fuckin' your old lady and your DAUGHTER and .. shit every one of your darn nieces too."
  • "I SAID I was bangin' your old lady, daughter too."
  • "Leave me alone while I'm fuckin' your daughter bitch."
  • "Bring your girlfriend along too becaise I'd like to FUCK with her again too."
  • "You know what? Fuck you."
  • "Fuck YOU. Punk ass motherfucker."
  • "You know (laughs) you know you must not have much to do with your time 'cause you're a fuckin' idiot."
  • "I'm a DeSoto County Sheriff, ya' fuckin' idiot!"
  • "Oh Jesus Christ..."
  • "You just never give up, do you?"
  • "Hehehehe..nigger."
  • "Aw, ya' jerkoff motherfucker!"
  • "Bring it the FUCK on, ya' cunt-suckin motherfucker!"
  • "Just bring it down the street. If you know where I live bring it down the street and you'll find a... it's a house, it's the green house with the fuckin' sheriff's car sittin out in front."
  • "I did like this at first but now I'm kind of enjoyin' myself. I'm really enjoying myself listening to you get so upset and there's not a thing you can do about it."
  • "It depends on what house you want to go to. I have three of them so it makes no difference."
  • "Not a problem. I hope, I hope you're close." (laughs)
  • "I kind of figured, you know, somebody your age 'cause you don't sound like a little kid, so I thought somebody your age would have just a little bit more, uh, intelligence to do this kind of shit. But that's ok."
  • "I'm a work."
  • "Gotta put this on loud speaker so everybody else can hear me laughin'."
  • "You know what? Bring on .. everything. It's not a problem."
  • "Ahh, you're suck a crackhead."
  • "You have a good .. good weekend."
  • "Bye now."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 11, 2012 Satanic Racist Calls An Off Duty Sheriff Sir Cranksalot Off-Duty Sheriff Original call. [1]
July 14, 2012 Satanic Racist Calls Off Duty Sheriff Part 2 Sir Cranksalot Off-Duty Sheriff [4]
August 4, 2012 Off Duty Sheriff Call #1 Sir Cranksalot Male victim [5]
August 4, 2012 Off Duty Sheriff Calls A Plumbing Company Sir Cranksalot Male victim [6]
September 14, 2012 Jackass Plumber and friends call the Off Duty (retired) Sheriff Sir Cranksalot Off-Duty Sheriff [2]
September 27, 2012 Rick The Mullet Man Sends The Off Duty Sheriff Into Retirement Sir Cranksalot Off-Duty Sheriff [3]
November 2, 2012 Off Duty Sheriff is back!!! Sir Cranksalot Male victim [7]
November 4, 2012 Mystery Man + Meat Grinder Mike + Off Duty Sheriff, etc. Puremadnessmann [8]
November 30, 2012 Rick & Friends Call the Sicko Sir Cranksalot The Sicko [9]
December 15, 2012 Off Duty Sheriff Makes Some Calls Unoriginalprankstah Various [10]


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