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Northwest Hillbilly
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Northwest Hillbilly


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




Unknown (Probably 20s)




Vancouver, BC

The Northwest Hillbilly (also called Jason the Hillbilly) is a short-tempered prank call victim from the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia. He was originally the victim of a team effort from the Chinaman, Drunk Guy and Deputy Martin.[1]

He would later have his own soundboard made, which would be used to prank call himself.

Original Calls[edit]

The Chinaman dials the Hillbilly who has a hard time understanding the soundboard (even less than most victims do). He displays no patience for the Chinaman's questions and starts to mock the Asian accent. The Drunk Guy then dials back and the Hillbilly starts to claim that he is a police officer. Deputy Martin then gets on the line and the Hillbilly starts claiming that he's god compared to Deputy Martin. The Hillbilly also claims to be Jeebus. He also misunderstands Deputy Martin's "I'm here at Big Daddy's Pizza." quote, thinking Martin said "I'm a freak at Big Daddy's Pizza."

Final Calls[edit]

Howard Stern later dials the Hillbilly back and talks to both him and a woman who is presumably the Hillbilly's wife. The Hillbilly threatens to report Howard Stern to the cops and gets very defensive when Howard Stern asks him what he does for a living.[1]

When the Northwest Hillbilly received his own soundboard, it was immediately used to call himself. The Hillbilly did not recognize his own voice, and told himself that he was a loser who needed to get a life.


  • "Yeah okay, yo yo yo!"
  • "You called me FOOL!"
  • "Want me to report you to cops!"
  • "It doesn't fucking matter who this is."
  • "I'm god, I'm god to you. I'm Jebus!"
  • "You're a loser buddy, get a life."
  • "OKAY Speak English and maybe we'll get through somewhere!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2010 Chinaman, Drunk Guy, Officer Martin & Howard Stern call a Northwest Hillbilly AntiVenom9808 Northwest Hillbilly Original call. [1]
2010 Northwest Hillbilly calls Himself AntiVenom9808 Northwest Hillbilly [1]
November 9, 2010 Northwest Hillbilly calls Pizza Hut AntiVenom9808 Pizza Hut Lost call
2011 Jason The Northwest Hillbilly Annoys People On Craigslist PranksAreUs83 Various Lost call, Rediscovered in 2014


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