New York City Jew

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New York City Jew


Prank Call Victim


New York City, New York


early to-mid 50s



The New York City Jew (also known as NYC Jew) is a prank call victim who was discovered (possibly by Carlos Walnut) around 2017. Unlike Boston Jew, another victim of the Bail Bondsman, his New York counterpart seemed to genuinely enjoy the calls making humorous and witty observations as he played along with the caller for over an hour. The original call is considered lost, however, part of the series was reuploaded into an hour-long video by Carlos Walnut on August 16, 2017.[1] Despite the lengthy conversation, a soundboard has never been made partly due to the victim's surprisingly good-natured personality during the calls.


  • "This has gotta be one of two things. It's either, uh, a reverse thing .. like normally the, uh, children call, ya know, asking for .. they, they're in trouble and they need money but .. this, this could be a novel twist. So I, uh, uh, I've got an open mind for entertainment. So go ahead, entertain me."
  • "Help? In what respect?"
  • "You see? I was right! It's a reverse thing again."
  • "It's clever! B-B-But I smelled it the first time out."
  • "You're talkin' to a New Yorker. Believe me. Crap like this, I-I cut my teeth on years ago."
  • "What do I owe you?"
  • (sarcastically) "You didn't get it yet? I sent it by Western Union a half hour ago!"
  • "Why am I doing WHAT, sir?"
  • (laughs) "Well, if you think I'm angry, maybe, but lets put it this way. I'm a lot smarter than you and, and, and I, uh, I know all the scams. So you know what? The only thing you can do is, is, be entertained by me. But you're sure as hell not gonna get any money outta me!"
  • "Well, all I can say is you can kiss my ... assets."
  • "If you're already that old then you're probably impotent. That's a question to ask your doctor, not me."
  • "You have to get of the squawk box because, uh, it sounded like you were on a loudspeaker."
  • "Oh, I figured you gotta be because, uh, when you're pumping me for private information, and you're EXPECTING an answer, I have to assume that you're on some good ganja."
  • "Well, I don't know. Uh, I mean, I-I really don't know which, which animal you prefer. But, I mean, uh, ya know .. different strokes for different folks."
  • "I guess at your age probably, uh, the sheep was probably you-you're, uh, animal preference."
  • "Where am I? I'm in New York. Where are you?"
  • "Why am I doing [this]? You keep repeating the same question as if you're expecting a different answer. That's a definition of insanity."
  • "Well, I guess you could go to social services, you could go to one of the, uh, your local church or ... wha-what's the matter? They won't help you?"
  • "Go to your local church or synagogue. They'll help ya."
  • "You're a bail bondsman..."
  • "So? H-how long did it take for you to get yourself bonded out?"
  • "It took you two years to come up with the bond money?"
  • "They must have got ya good! You couldn't have been too smart if y-you got popped."
  • "Very simple. If you're not clever enough that's the price you pay."
  • '(laughs)'"I, I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad I'm entertaining you! How's that sound?"
  • "Uh...I don't understand where walnuts come in."
  • "Again ... NUT I understand. Walnut, I don't know how you could, how you're honing in on a specific nut."
  • "Again, you're repeating the same question. As I said before, if you're expecting a different answer then you're, ya know, that's the definition of insanity."
  • "Uhh, all I, all I know is, is that I-I'm waiting for you to send me some money because I, I, I'm desperate."
  • "No, I would prefer $1,000."
  • "I really can't take less than $1,000."
  • "So when are you gonna send me my $1,000?"
  • "Two years?!"
  • "You're supposed to be a bail bondsman. You know, y-you can do it a lot quicker then that!"
  • "Again, you could always, you could always borrow it from one of the, one of the sheep that, that you're having relations with."
  • "I SAID you could always borrow the money from one of the SHEEP that, ya know, that you're playing with."
  • "I..should know...your paramour, you paramour's name?"
  • "Maybe it's Ba-Ba Black Sheep. How about that?"
  • "Homer Scott? That doesn't sound like a female sheep to me!"
  • "What jail?"
  • "The Tombs. He's got a cell right next to yours!"
  • "Yeah! Don't you remember?"
  • "Don't you remember him in the shower? C'mon!"
  • "You used to tell me about you and him, ya know, sneak-sneakin', coppin' a feel with each other in the showers."
  • "Kiss my grits!"
  • "I feel like we've made a bond together."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2017 Original Calls to the NYC Jew NYC Jew Original call. [1]
April 1, 2017 Bailbondsh Checks Up on His'h Jewish Friend The Phantom Dialer NYC Jew [2]