Mrs. Haze

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Mrs. Haze
Traditional Depiction of Mrs. Haze


Prank Chat Victim, Victim Soundboard




unknown, possibly mid to late 20's


Proclaims that she's not white.



Mrs. Haze was the victim of a prank voice chat from a Philly Thug soundboard on Xbox Live. She was playing a game of Uno when the prankster, SnakeSnakeProduction, logged in.

She was initially annoyed with his antics, but became defensive once she was called a "faggot white piece of shit". At this point, she proclaimed that she is not white.

A second prank was made to the game, to provoke her into giving more responses. She asked the prankster about why he gets amusement by logging into Uno: a family game, and swearing at people. "Philly Thug" called her a "dude" which irritated her, causing her to proclaim that she is a girl and accuse the him of playing with a blow-up doll and living in a trailer. She was accused of being caucasian again, and proclaimed that she is not white, once again.

After the "assault" on the Uno game, she left the prankster some messages on his voice mail, telling him to go chat with somebody else, "grow-the-fuck-up Jacob.", once again proclaiming that she is a female, and warning him that she has family members on the police force. She also suspected that she was being harassed with recordings as well, implying some knowledge of soundboard prank calling.[1]


Mrs. Haze is usually depicted as the character, Soletta Orihime, from the anime series, Sakura Wars. Some pranksters may use other depictions.


  • "I ain't white you bastard, your mother's white asshole."
  • "Get a life; get a fucking life; who get's off on comming on Uno -- a family game -- to talk shit to people they don't even know. You're a fucking man, son."
  • "I ain't no punk bitch, your mother's a punk bitch, you' a punk bitch talking shit to a girl."
  • "I'm not a dude, bitch, I'm a girl, I'm a woman!"
  • "Put some lotion on your dick, and go dress up, fucking your blow-up doll all goddamn day, grow the fuck up son."
  • "Go back to your trailer, you fucking bitch."
  • "I ain't a "white peice of shit" asshole, get your shit correct, I'm not white."
  • "I don't think there's uh...a law saying I can't call someone an "ignorant bitch ass"."
  • "I'm a police asshole."
  • "If you even knew who you were talking to, half my family are police; okay?"
  • "I'm a BITCH, I'm a female, I'm a woman, what part of that don't you understand?"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2008 Xbox Live Harassment: Mrs. Haze vs. Philly Thug SnakeSnakeProduction Mrs. Haze Original call. [1]
2009 Calls to Citrus Park Security Part 1 SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim [2]
2009 Calls to the Jackass Mall Cop SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim [3]
2009 My first calls to Chris the Hacker SnakeSnakeProduction Chris the Hacker [4]
2010 Calls to the MallRat SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim [5]
2010 Calls to the the Angry Spaz SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim [6]
N/A Mrs. Haze goes on a RAMPAGE Various Lost call [7]
June 17, 2011 Mrs. Haze & Friends Start a Gang War with Bradley & His Friends SnakeSnakeProduction Male victims Lost call
June 26, 2011 Mrs. Haze calls Bob Chandler SnakeSnakeProduction Bob Chandler Lost call [8]
June 30, 2011 Calls to Tony the Pervert SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim [9]
July 3, 2011 Weekend Calls 1 (ABG, Mrs. Haze, Canadian Teens, Casino Man, Chris the Hacker) Outl4wPranks Female victim [10]
July 27, 2011 Calls to the Loud Mouth Bitch & Psycho Husband (Part 3) SnakeSnakeProduction Loud Mouth Bitch & Psycho Husband Lost call. Part of the Pineapple Lane Saga.
October 1, 2011 Mrs. Haze & Brian call Indian Scammers SnakeSnakeProduction Indian Scammers Lost call
December 20, 2011 Calls to the Racist New York Bitch SnakeSnakeProduction Female victim Lost call
February 8, 2012 Calls to The Angry Californian Latino SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim Lost call
May 22, 2012 Calls to the Irate Redneck Mother & Son SnakeSnakeProduction Various Lost call
September 28, 2012 Mrs. Haze & Philly Thug Rile Up a Couple SnakeSnakeProduction Couple Lost call
October 21, 2012 The New York Phone Battle Royal (featuring A-Log) SnakeSnakeProduction A-Log Lost call
November 5, 2012 Mrs. Haze calls Jacob the Jehovah Witness SnakeSnakeProduction Male victim Lost call
June 11, 2013 Exploding Prank Calls The Prosecutor SnakeSnakeProduction Prosecutor [11]



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