Mr88Nismo & his friend hassle Duncan

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Mr88Nismo & his friend hassle Duncan
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Prank Call

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Mr88Nismo's Friend

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Mr88Nismo & his friend hassle Duncan is a soundboard prank call made by Mr88Nismo.


Call #1

Mr88Nismo: What's up Garrett?
Duncan: What do you want you gravel-voiced hateful son of a bitch you? Ha ha ha, yourself.
Mr88Nismo: You never answered my questions.
Duncan: Uh, you know, normal people who call, prank call, are anywhere from 14 to 18. You just sound like you're a HELL of a lot older than that.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, I'm a little bit older.
Duncan: Why don't you get a real job?
Mr88Nismo: This is my job.
Duncan: To call people .. and fuck with 'em?
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Frank, I-I .. Frank, I do have to give you this. You, you're really good at coming up with shit right on the spot. That's great.
Mr88Nismo: (laughs)
Duncan: Well, I talk to several idiots like you in a day's time. I .. I get an idea every now and then, see?
Mr88Nismo's Friend: That's great!
Mr88Nismo: Well, what-
Mr88Nismo's Friend: I'd love hanging out with you and watch you make fun of people-
Duncan: Hey, uh-
Mr88Nismo's Friend: -on a day-to-day basis.
Duncan: Hey pimpleface, how old are you?
[*Both Mr88Nismo and Mr88Nismo's Friend start laughing loudly*]
Mr88Nismo's Friend: All business then, Frank?
Duncan: Well maybe ya oughta be about 14. That way they won't prosecute you when they catch your ass for making prank calls.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: It's not a prank call!
Duncan: I'd like to see you in reform school for about 30 days. That'd change your attitude.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: My attitude's just fine Frank. I-I, I've actually never called you before. I just happen to be at this guy's house right now and he said you're a great guy and that we should call you.
Duncan: Well, uh, you know it's still illegal.
Mr88Nismo: I'm not cussin' ya, cussing ya out. I'm just tryin' to-
Duncan: It's still illegal you silly son of a bitch.
Mr88Nismo: I'm just calling to talk with you. I'm not cussing you out.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: It's not illegal!
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Hey Frank! You guys-
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Does the prank call you used to do in your day, what, you'd call the local grocery store and ask if they had Prince Albert in a can or something like that?
Duncan: Oh goddamn. That's just 40 years old. You're a "real" smart son of a bitch, you know it?
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Hey Frankie! Is your refrigerator runnin'?
Duncan: I guess you're never gonna be a rocket scientist.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Is your refrigerator runnin'?
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Huh?
Duncan: [Unintelligible]..40 years old shithead.
Mr88Nismo: wanna have a goat roast or what?
Duncan: No. I want you to get that shitty pimplefaced son of a bitch off the phone.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: (laughs)
Duncan: And I want YOU to stay off too. I'd like to kick your ass! You're old enough to ... know better.
Mr88Nismo: Whoa! I'm not cussing at ya. I'm calling to talk.
Duncan: So what you gravel-voiced son of a bitch?
Mr88Nismo: [Unintelligible]
Duncan: Well I wonder who thought that up? YOU did. (pause) Well, thank ya!
Mr88Nismo: So what are you doin' for the holiday?
Duncan: How many, how many people do you call in a week's time?
Mr88Nismo: No one. Just you.
Duncan: I'm not talkin' to you. Get off the godamned phone, you fathead! I'm talkin' to that pimplefaced son of a bitch.
[*Both Mr88Nismo and Mr88Nismo's Friend laugh loudly*]
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Why is that so funny he called me a pimpleface?
Mr88Nismo: (laughs)
Duncan: Well you probably got a real problem 'cause you're about 14.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: (laughs) Actually, Frank, I'm 22.
Duncan: I see YOU'RE old enough to know better then this shit too.
Duncan: And furthermore, this is MY line. FUCK you.
Mr88Nismo: (laughs) Ohh, Mr. Goat?
Duncan: Listen, you gravel-voiced son of a bitch. Why don't you crawl off somewhere and die, would ya!
Mr88Nismo: Why would you say that to me?
Duncan: I hate your fuckin' guts!
Mr88Nismo: I though we were friends!
Duncan: No. We're not friends. You can bet on that. I'd kick your ass until your nose bled if you'd come on down to where I can get to ya!
Mr88Nismo: Oh, I-
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Frank can I ask you a question real fast?
Duncan: Well hurry up! How many idiots are on this fuckin' line?
Mr88Nismo's Friend: What?
Duncan: Hurry up. How many of you stupid sons of bitches are on this line?
Mr88Nismo's Friend: No, I-I just took the phone out of his hands. Can I ask you a question real fast?
Duncan: WELL pick it up and let's have it. You got a question? Let's have it.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Well will you be, like, sincere with your answer and not get real mean with me?
Duncan: I-I don't ... what the hell are you calling me for then? You stupid son of a bitch.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Ok-
Duncan: You ain't got enough money to buy what I sell. So quit callin'.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Ok, well here .. here's my question to you. If was to get everyone-
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo's Friend: If was to get everybody who has called you, and bugged you, in a straight line and gave you an AR-15 what would you do?
Duncan: I'd kick YOUR ass for it.
Mr88Nismo: (laughs) Hey Frankie. How about a pig roast this weekend?
Duncan: ...
Mr88Nismo: Frank?
Duncan: Well you just can't take a hint, can ya?
Mr88Nismo: I just want to talk to ya.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Frank!
Mr88Nismo: Here, hold on. Here he want's to talk.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Frank!
Duncan: Who's calling me now?
Mr88Nismo's Friend: Hey Frank.
Duncan: Aren't you a little bit old to be makin' prank calls? Stupid son of a bitch.
Mr88Nismo: I'm not prankin' ya!
Mr88Nismo's Friend: We're not makin' a prank call! Hey Frank. Question for ya.
Duncan: The hell you're not!
Mr88Nismo's Friend: [Unintelligible]
Duncan: Well hey, let me tell you somethin'.
Mr88Nismo's Friend: How much would I have to give you to fuck a goat?
Mr88Nismo: (laughs) Mr. Garrett?
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo: I just have a question for ya. Can't we all-
Duncan: Well hurry up you son of a bitch. I ain't got all damn day.
Mr88Nismo: Can't we all just be friends?
Duncan: No.
Mr88Nismo: Why?
Duncan: I don't, I don't need friends like you. I got plenty of them kind.
Mr88Nismo: Well would you do an interview with me if I promised to leave you alone?
Duncan: If you got that close I'd be glad to have you interview me.
Mr88Nismo: If I had what?
Duncan: If you'd get that close that I'd be glad to have you interview me.
Mr88Nismo: Well then let's do a phone interview and I won't call ya back no more.
Duncan: Well shit! That's what you said the last time.
Mr88Nismo: Well have you seen all the-
Duncan: I just feel like you're a little bit [unintelligible] for this shit. Juvinile stuff.
Mr88Nismo: Well do you know about the videos-
Mr88Nismo's Friend: He's fat too!
Mr88Nismo: Have you seen-
Duncan: Are ya'll joined together at the hip?
Mr88Nismo: Have you seen, have you seen yourself on YouTube?
Duncan: I don't even look at it 'cause there's ... what the hell would you want to put me on THERE for?
Mr88Nismo: I was just curious if you've seen any or heard your voice on there at all?
Duncan: I don't want .. I don't even pay any attention to it.
Mr88Nismo: (disappointed) Oh...
Duncan: It's probably 'cause there's stupid son of a bitches like you runnin' the country.
Mr88Nismo: Well I don't-
Duncan: Hell no. You're callin' me on my 800 number. That way you don't even NEED an account.
Mr88Nismo: No, I'm talking about a YouTube account. I don't-
Duncan: I'm talkin' about a 1-800 number account. That's the same damn thing.
Mr88Nismo: Does that cost you money?
Duncan: It doesn't cost me money..[unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo: Well I'm sorry. I won't ever call ya on that again. I didn't know that.
Duncan: (sarcastically) Sure...
Mr88Nismo: I won't!
Duncan: Sure. Call me on my regular .. land line. Let YOU spend some money. Ohh, there's other idiots like you.
Mr88Nismo: Can't the police do anything about it?
Duncan: No.
Mr88Nismo: What?
Duncan: If they, if they could, that'd have YOUR ass in jail.
Mr88Nismo: Well, I don't harass ya. I'm just calling and talkin' to ya. I'm not calling ya names or nothin'.
Duncan: (surprised) Well, what..!? What do you want to call and talk to me? I don't even like ya!
Mr88Nismo: 'Cause you sound like a great guy.
Duncan: You sound like an ASSHOLE to me.
Mr88Nismo: Why?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]