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Mr88Nismo was an American prank caller that was active on YouTube from 2009 to 2010. He is considered one of the most popular, and certainly the most controversial, YouTube pranksters of the Duncan-era. He is the founder of The Toy Chest, a Ventrilo server where pranksters made live soundboard and voice prank calls.

Mr88Nismo is credited with the discovery of Rick the Mullet Man, after calling his ad on craigslist for Beatles dolls, as well as the Alabama Yokel along with TotalRedial. He created the notorious Nightmare on Burton Street series in The Toy Chest and uploaded the calls made by TheGoldenPhone to Burton St. in Sugar Creek, MO.

In addition to his soundboard prank calls he has made several famous calls with his own voice including several calls to the late Frank Garrett (who knew him as Gravel Voice) and a prank where he invited a prostitute to his house and lit his own driveway on fire when she arrived.

On October 7th, 2013, Nismo reopened his account and uploaded his first soundboard prank two days later.[1]

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