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MistahBlonde‏‎ (also known as MistahBlonde2MistahBlonde3 and MistahBlonde72) is a British prank caller who was active on YouTube from 2009 to 2011. He is loosely regarded as one of the more pervasive pranksters of the "Duncan-era" along with 666j1, TheGoldenPhone, Xaozzz and others. He eventually left YouTube to start his own prank calling website and, as a result, is among the few soundboard prank callers of the era whose calls are mostly deleted or ghosted.

He often collaborated with other callers, most notably with TheGoldenPhone, and is a member of The Toy Chest. Together, he and TheGoldenPhone discovered Brenda, Carol the Waitress, Drunk Al, and Homer and Billye Scott. An elderly woman called by TheGoldenPhone, the Confused Jewish Lady, was given her name by MistahBlonde. Other victims‏‎ found by the prankster include Satanic British Lawyer, Tony the Racist and WoW Girl.

MistahBlonde has been involved in a number of prank call series including Duncan, Ivy, Redneck Roofer, and The Yellers. He has occasionally organized mass conference calls and practical jokes on IP Relay Operators and various hotels.

He was, perhaps, one of the most frequent callers to Chris the Hacker. In October 2010, he hosted a prank calling event entitled "Hackerfest" which featured calls to DatBoys Data Recovery. After his business closed two years later, Chris specifically blamed MistahBlonde and 666j1 for the failure of his company.[1]

On December 8, 2011, MistahBlonde called an acquaintance of Christian Weston Chandler, claiming to be a court-appointed psychiatrist named "Dr. Perron", to get more information about him and his recent legal problems. He found out additional information regarding the the death of Chris-chan's father, Bob Chandler, during this conversation.[2]

After his second YouTube account was terminated, possibly being flagged by an anonymous source, MistahBlonde distanced himself from the website by hosting his own videos on xvids.com in late-2010.


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