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Miss Cleo
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Miss Cleo


Youree Dell Harris


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former telephone psychic






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Miss Cleo (real name: Youree Dell Harris) (born August 12, 1962- July 26, 2016) was a former telephone "psychic" who ran a pay-per-call service from 1997-2003 and was known for her loud, enthusiastic voice and heavy faux-Jamaican accent. After charges of deceptive advertising were made against the psychic network she worked for, she has since been a spokesperson for a TV network, a guest star on radio shows, and an advertising gimmick for used car dealerships.

Several soundboards of her psychic call service were made that include several tarot card readings, predicting an unexpected child, and various quips of "advice" for callers.

In an interview the October 2006 issue of The Advocate magazine, Harris stated that she was a lesbian.

She died on July 26th, 2016 of cancer.


  • "Hi, dear! How are you?!"
  • Did you have a question?"
  • "Alright, and what city are you callin' me from?"
  • "I'm Miss Cleo!"
  • "Hello! How are you today?!"
  • "Can I get your first name and your birthdate, please?"
  • "You're a Libra, aren'tcha, darlin'?"
  • "Don't do it, okay? It would be a bad move!"
  • "I'm lookin' here at this, uh, at the...the devil card here, and you've got one fierce temper. Ya understand me?"
  • "I'm seein' some forgettin' possibly, and I'm seeing a new baby in the next three months."
  • "Is there a gentleman in your life?"
  • "We can talk about money, that's fine. I no care, but I am telling you, if you don't get yourself to a doctor, right now, it not going to matter, the rest o' these things. You understand me?"
  • "Wohoo, listen to dat voice; aren't you sweet."
  • "Yeah ya ha ha ha!"
  • "I love you!!!"
  • "Osteoporosis runs in your family, correct?"
  • "You're in denial, when you say 'no'!"
  • "Alright, let's take a look. I'm gonna cut the cards for you baby. I'm gonna shuffle 'em one more time."
  • "Um, I-I don't mean to sidetrack your question here but .. who are all these nosy people, outside influences, I'm seeing around you by the Moon card?"
  • "I want you to really remember .. the pill, alright?"
  • "You have a good life now."

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