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Micheal Shockey
A depiction of Michael Shockley, for lack on one.


Prank Call Victim, "Nightmare on Burton Street" victim


Burton Street, Sugar Creek, Missouri


Michael J. Shockley, (1979-02-25) February 25, 1979 (age 40)


Unknown, may have a long term partner, assumed to be Nicole S. Hulme

Myspace Page



Not known, suspected to have at least 1, but as many as 3 (2007)


Claimed to be working on a transmission with somebody during the first call.

The actual likeness of Shockley

Michael Shockley was the first victim of the "Nightmare on Burton Street" prank calls from Mr88Nismo & TheGoldenPhone. Rick the Mullet Man calls him, trying to convince him that he's being called repeatedly. Michael lives in his neighborhood with his ugly redneck white trash girlfriend, both of them have real cowardice not knowing they are fighting prank callers in actuality and even during the aftermath.

Part 1[edit]

He was working on a vehicle transmission with a friend at the time, when "Rick the Mullet Man" called him up and started accusing Mike of calling his place "a dozen times". "Rick" explodes into a rage soon after and starts yelling at him for calling and waking him up. Michael Shockley remains very calm in spite of "Rick's" rage, just considering him mentally ill.

"Rick" even starts talking about coming over with his AR-15, but Mike just tells him to put it in his mouth and pull the trigger. In fact, he just taunts "Rick" to come down and follow through, not taking him very seriously.

Deputy Martin eventually comes on the line, even convincing Mike that he is a real officer for a moment. "Martin" saying that he is from "Big Daddy's Pizza" probably makes Mike realize it's not a real cop; if that does not convince him, then "Rick" threatening to shoot Mike in the presence of a supposed cop probably does.

Deputy Duncan (Not to be confused with Frank Garrett) comes on the line to boost the credibility of "Martin" being a real cop. Eventually, Mike explains that he's "been outside working on a transmission."

Part 2[edit]

The previous conversation with "Deputy Duncan" and "Rick" continues with the same accusations and denials being repeated by Rick. Nothing especially new occurs during this call, but Mike does call his local police on his cellphone to explain that "Deputy Duncan" of Jefferson County, mistaken for Jackson County is on the phone.

The prankster takes this opportunity to conference Mike with a restaurant in Queens, New York at 181'st street. This fact, revealed by the 2nd victim baffles Mike, but the restaurant man hangs up soon after.

Part 3[edit]

Picking up from where "Part 2" left off, the general theme of "Part 2" continues with "Deputy Duncan" holding Mike on the line for prank call filler. This eventually leads to a Chris the Hacker soundboard coming on the phone, to explain that somebody -- a hacker -- is playing games with the phone. "Deputy Martin" talks again, to enhance the illusion.

Eventually, the prankster(s) hangs up, only to call him back with Random Asshole. A female picks up the phone; this is possibly Mike's girl friend. "Random Asshole" asks "What can I do for you sir?" which provokes her into belligerence. "Random Asshole" cusses her out when asking why she called "his" phone, angering her further. She threatens to call the police on "him".

"Random Asshole" threatens to break her neck, but she boasts about having a ".50 Caliber", which is most likely a Action Express or S&W magnum, not the rifle-sized weapon. While she is speaking about her gun, the prankster cleverly plays a "Rick" line telling her to "say 'no' to my AR-15..." which actually does sound as if "Random Asshole" is screaming about his weapon of choice.

Michael Shockley comes back on the line, to continue the previous argument with "Rick", telling him to "Google" the Skype number pranking him. Rick continues ranting and raving, with Mike eventually hanging up after mocking him.


Mr. Shockley[edit]

  • "That's not my address you fool."
  • "Why don't you just come on over here mister mouth."
  • "You're the dumb ass calling me saying I'm somebody else, you got wrong address and the wrong number you fuck-tard."
  • "You've got to be the dumbest motherfucker alive."
  • "Oh and this, you're saying this to someone who is supposedly with the Sheriff's department, you're going to threaten me on the phone?" (After "Rick" threatens to shoot him in the presence of "Deputy Martin".)
  • "No! We've been outside working on a transmission."
  • "He's making connections worldwide apparently." (Mr. Shockley, fooled into believing there is a mass-conferencing occurring.)
  • "Yeah, I do not live over there, I live at 11205".
  • "He said 11206... I think that's what he said".
  • "Hello".
  • "-And you gave the address fuckin' across the street... Sayin' it's me, dumbass".
  • "Hey, you better watch your fuckin' mouth, buddy".
  • "You just told my wife you were going to break her fuckin' neck... What the hell is wrong with you"!?
  • "You have got to be THE most retarded- motherfucker alive".
  • "This is a crock of shit"...
  • "You're going to jail for harassing me on the goddamn phone... I don't know who you are, you're not giving me my address, you got the wrong motherfucker... You're barkin' up the wrong tree!"
  • "My name- My name is Michael Shockley".
  • "Okay Deputy Duncan... What the hells goin' on here?"
  • "Sixty- three- thirty what?"
  • "Yeah, I am in Jackson County".
  • "Okay, I know that part, but you are where?"

"Mrs." Shockley?[edit]

  • "I'm a "mam" thank you very much, who the hell are you calling me?"
  • "Hey, you dumb ass, listen to me, call my phone again, and I'm going to find you, and the police are going to be at your door step."
  • "You're going to break my neck hua, I got a 50 caliber that says you ain't coming thorough my fucking door you fucking dumbass motherfucker."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
February 2010 A Nightmare on Burton Street Part 1 Mr88Nismo Michael Shockley Original call. [1]
February 2010 A Nightmare on Burton Street Part 2 Mr88Nismo Michael Shockley [2]
February 2010 A Nightmare on Burton Street Part 3 Mr88Nismo Michael Shockley [3]


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