Miami Gangsta

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Miami Gangsta
Depiction of Miami Gangsta


Prank Call Victim


FedEx office worker


North Miami, Florida


early to-mid 30s





The Miami Gangsta is a prank call victim who was discovered by CommandoRunningMan in August 2012.

A violent and tough-talking FedEx employee working in North Miami, he was first called by Angry Jamaican Guy[1] Tiesha,[2] and Irate Black Man.[3] The Miami Gangsta was later called by Life Coach[4] and Satanic Racist.[5].

The Miami Gangsta appears to be a convicted felon, as in one call he is "not scared to go back to prison" if it means he can brutalize the caller.


The picture used for Miami Gangsta originates from the cover of the Geto Boys' 1991 album, We Can't Be Stopped, in which the picture used is of the rapper, Bushwick Bill, who, at the time, was in the hospital, after accidentally being shot in the eye by his girlfriend.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
August 8, 2012 Angry Jamaican Guy calls a Gangsta in Miami CommandoRunningMan Miami Gangsta Original call. [1]
August 8, 2012 2nd call to Miami gangsta featuring Tiesha CommandoRunningMan Miami Gangsta [2]
August 8, 2012 3rd call to Miami gangsta featuring Irate Black Man CommandoRunningMan Miami Gangsta [3]
October 11, 2012 Life Coach calls the Miami Gangsta CommandoRunningMan Miami Gangsta [4]
May 9, 2013 Lou calls the Miami Gangsta CommandoRunningMan Miami Gangsta [5]