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Mark the Wanker
Traditional depiction of Mark the Wanker


Prank Call Victim



England, United Kingdom


early to-mid 20s




Mark the Wanker is a Duncan prank call victim who was discovered by XxVideoPersonxX around 2008. Much like Tony the Racist, the victim did not respond well to Duncan's taunts and insults, and much like Tony, he dealt with them in a quaintly British way.[1] Mark quickly caught on that Duncan was in fact a pre-recorded voice, and Duncan even admitted such when asked by Mark if he was "on a loop". He even predicted that Duncan's voice came from a movie, although this is incorrect.

The original call was considered lost when ItsOnlyAPrank closed his YouTube account, possibly during the 2008 Duncan Scare, however, it was re-uploaded to YouTube in 2011.[1] A soundboard was later made and used to call Angry Homo Escort[2] and Tony the Racist.[3]

Later, the soundboard was used to call Mark's mother, who recognised his voice. She was less pleased to hear her son threaten to "come round and kick the shit out of [her]," and she hung up immediately.

Outside the UK, victims have sometimes had difficulty his accent and use of British slang (e.g. "Why you ringing me, nobhead?") and is used with other soundboards - usually with [[List of prank call victims by location#United Kingdom|fellow British victims]


  • "Hey knobhead."
  • "Who are ya'?"
  • "Who you after?"
  • "I've not been ringing you, knobhead."
  • "Fuck you then, ya knobhead."
  • "Fuck you, knobhead. Who are ya?"
  • "Why don't you tell me who you are and I'll meet ya?"
  • "Oh, you're on a loop, ya knobhead. Piss off."
  • "Where'd you live mate?"
  • "Who the fuck are you?"
  • "Fuck off."
  • "Stupid motherfucker."
  • "Listen dickhead, tell me where you are and I'll come round and kick the shit outta' you."
  • "You fucking dickhead."
  • "You fucking wanker."
  • "Well piss off then, and don't ring back!"
  • "Too much of a pussy to say where you live?"
  • "You fuckin' dickhead, you're on a fuckin' loop, you're a recorded loop you knobhead, you're not even real!"
  • "You knobhead. You're on a fuckin' recorded loop, ya bell-end."
  • "Well what the fuck are you ringin' me for then, ya knobhead?"
  • "I've not been ringin' ya, knobhead!"
  • "You're the stupid motherfucker!"
  • "'I don't give a shit'... you fucking arsehole!" [said to mock the same line used by Duncan]

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Duncan calls Mark The Wanker XxVideoPersonxX Mark the Wanker Original call. [1]
March 24, 2010 Angry Homo Escort Snaps EpicVideoCompiler Angry Homo Escort [2]
September 6, 2010 Mark rings up the annoying teenage girl and some more Trendyrapslut Female victim [4]
September 29, 2010 Jim Rome, Life Coach & Mark the Wanker 1ex1uger [5]
November 23, 2010 Mark the Wanker, Napoleon Dynamite & Jim ROME 1ex1uger [6]
December 9, 2010 Season's greetings! Here's a sack of pranks 1ex1uger [7]
December 27, 2010 A Prank Call Tribute to Michael Jackson (Ft. a Surprise Caller) 1ex1uger [8]
January 25, 2011 Prank Calls to Bring Back the FUN 1ex1uger [9]
February 4, 2011 Prank call medicine 1ex1uger [10]
March 21, 2011 Mark calls for Mr. Wankah 1ex1uger [11]
May 18, 2011 Mark The Wanker Prank Calls Some Rednecks AfghaNPranksteR Lost call [12]
May 28, 2011 Mark The Wanker Prank Calls England and a Canadian Guy! AfghaNPranksteR Lost call [13]
May 28, 2011 Chris, Frank, Mark and Lunatic Redneck Call The Natives AfghaNPranksteR Lost call [14]
June 16, 2011 Hot Prank Call Compilation 1ex1uger [15]
October 26, 2011 Calls Dedicated to daeHkiD 1ex1uger [16]
January 20, 2012 British Bitch, Tony the Racist, Mark the Wanker, British Lawyer call Britain Bubbacalling [17]
January 22, 2012 Mark the wanker prank calls pub FUNNY! Prankityprank1 [18]
February 5, 2012 The Gang Prank Call The Lesbian Teens! AfghaNPranksteR Lost call [19]
September 15, 2012 Mark the wanker calls Tony the Racist L00n3yTube Tony the Racist [3]
October 9, 2012 Mark the wanker prank calls a chav Giorgio Armani Male victim [20]
October 9, 2012 Mark the Wanker calls Amy Stead Giorgio Armani Female victim [21]
October 22, 2012 Halloween Hijinks with Duncan & Friends 1ex1uger [22]
November 1, 2012 Mark the wanker calls a taxi depot AR15pranks Male victim [23]
December 15, 2012 Mark the Wanker calls a British taxi firm AR15pranks Male victim [24]



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