Mack Magilligutty

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Mack Magilligutty
Traditional Depiction of Mack


Prank Call Victim


Escort business employee




early to-mid 50s





Mack Magilligutty is an employee for a British-owned escort business in Canada. He was discovered by Firstcomingg around 2009. The original calls were never recorded and are considered lost. The first "official" calls were made by Drunk Guy, Drug & Alcohol Lady, the Springfield Pervert, and the Satanic Racist.

In each of these calls, Mack believed he was speaking to his employer James Tingle, who resides in the Lake District of the United Kingdom, and discussed plans to pick him up at the airport. He briefly mistook Satanic Racist to be an acquaintance called "Josh".[1] Mack also suspected the callers of being someone called Dennis or "Fritz the Cat".

Mack has a distinct foreign-sounding accent and "a high pitched timid voice". Though often confused by the calls, Mack had a generally easy going attitude and usually played along with the prankster. He was called at various times with Duncan, Hank Hill, Billy Mays, and Threats. In later calls, Mack was aware he was talking to a soundboard.

In April 2010, while using Mack's soundboard to call his workplace, a co-worker claimed the victim was no longer employed there.[2] The employee's claim could not be verified as its toll free number shut down soon afterwards.

"He was apparently laid off from his old job, however after some research he was found again and called up with a soundboard of his own voice, and firstcoming even went to the length of letting him listen to the original calls made to him through the phone. After these calls firstcoming gave Mack a break as a reward for being "such a good sport"."[3]


  • "Hey."
  • "Yello, what can I do for you?"
  • "What do ya' want mac?"
  • "Ahh, get lost mac."
  • "Are you "Fritz the Cat"?"
  • "Well Fritz go to hell! Ha ha ha ha ha!!"
  • "Dennis..who is that?"
  • "Is that Bob Watson?"
  • "James Tingle? (laughs) Is that James Tingle?!"
  • "Is that James Tingle from the Lake District?"
  • "Is that James Tingle from the UK?"
  • "Are you calling from the UK?"
  • "Are you calling from England? From the Lake District?"
  • "Yeah I'll call you back. Give me your phone number."
  • "That's fine, that's fine."
  • "Hey, c'mon! Jimmy, stop bullshitting now." (laughs)
  • "Mack Magilligutty's."
  • "I gotta go and get something to eat mac."
  • "I got your e-mail by the way."
  • "Yeah, well, Jimmy I already sent you your ticket to come over here."
  • "Well Jimmy I told you I'll receive you at the airport, at uh, Pierre Trudeau Airport, on the uh.... 29th!"
  • "Well anyway I'll come pick you up James on the, um, 29th."
  • "I'll pick you up at the airport, ok?"
  • "(laughs) Well fuck you too! "
  • "I'M in command."
  • "The thing is you were like that on the Black Watch!"
  • "You didn't like to talk to anybody on the Black Watch!"
  • "I'm telling ya' mac..!"
  • "I don't call. You called me!"
  • "Alright, we got no time for this."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Original calls to Mack Magilligutty Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty These are the earliest calls. The originals were never recorded and are considered lost. [1]
N/A Mack Magilligutty And Sal Brian79camino [4]
N/A Mack Is Confused, Peggy Is Pissed Brian79camino Female victim [5]
N/A Pissed Off Telemarketer, Mack, And Young Redneck Brian79camino [6]
N/A Drunk Guy And Mack Need To Sober Up Brian79camino Male victim [7]
October 16, 2009 Duncan and his Followers Get Rowdy TheHoboMolester5000 Male victim [8]
April 30, 2010 Mack Magilligutty needs a car feat. Tom and S perv Firstcomingg Male victim [2]
May 2, 2010 Billy Mays Is Hungry RIP Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [9]
May 7, 2010 Duncan Bsides Outtakes And More Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [10]
May 13, 2010 Threats and Arnolds Drunk get into trouble Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [11]
May 23, 2010 Frank and Mack Three Way Bob Watson Firstcomingg Male victim [12]
May 24, 2010 Mack calls Mack w/commentary 1/2 Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [13]
May 24, 2010 Mack calls Mack w/commentary 2/2 Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [14]
June 22, 2010 Hank Hill wants a damn hammer Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [15]
July 7, 2010 Duncan Rampage Firstcomingg Mack Magilligutty [16]
September 24, 2010 The Gang Calls The Idiot Trucker 2 Firstcomingg Idiot Trucker [17]
October 13, 2010 The Gang Calls Roll Call (Road Call) Firstcomingg Female victim [18]


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