Little India Grill

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Little India Grill
Actual photo of Little India Grill (Before September 2014 remodeling)


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Walsh, Walsh's Mexican, various employees


18383 Pioneer Blvd.
Artesia, California

Additional Info

Owned by Indian Lady, founded in 1991 [1]

India Grill (Formerly known as Little India Grill) is an Indian fast food buffet located in Artesia, California. It is home to the once famous Indian prank call victim Walsh. The restaurant has poor ratings on many restaraunt review websites, due to horrible food and poor service. According to the website, the local health department also lists multiple violations for the restaurant during the years 2008-2009 for things ranging from major plumbing and sewage disposal system failures, to minor cockroach problems[2], though they have apparently fixed this since. There are many people who work in the restaurant.

PranksAreUs84 recently stated that he visited the restaurant and that both Walsh and the elderly lady who owns Little India Grill have completely forgotten about all the stuff that Xferrari300x told them in the infamous snitch call, making his call very irrelevant. Technically, this means they are victims that do not know about the soundboard prank calling community, contrary to what was long thought to be the case by many.

The number for the restaurant went disconnected in August 2014. It was thought that the the restaurant closed its doors for good. PranksAreUs84 attempted to call the restaurant in September (the first in years, apart from the Tenshi MKII occassional calls), but the number is out of service.

The restaurant actually closed in August 2014 - September 2014 for repairs/maintenance to the entire building. The entire interior was re-done, the "Little" in the name of the restaurant was dropped, the utilities have been replaced, and the restaurant now passes for an A Rating with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. According to the prankster, the food is a lot better now than it was years ago. After speaking to the victim, Walsh told the prankster "Due to all the harassing calls (mainly from 2009-2012), and the lack of use of the actual phone, we just decided to cancel the phone service", therefore, the victim cannot be called again at the restaurant.

Associated Victims[edit]

Name Image Notes
Traditional depiction of Walsh
Walsh (real name: Sevash Rana) is the manager and the main victim of the prank calls. Walsh is of East Indian descent and is always angry when told weird things. He is hilarious for his ridiculous insults ("YOU ARE THE SON OF HUNDRED FATHER!!", etc.) and his thick accent. Discovered by PranksAreUs83 and 3DPrankz, he was one of the most popular victims in the prank call community during the end of the Duncan Era.
Indian Lady
Actual likeness of Indian Lady
The Indian Lady (real name: Seema Maharaj[1]) is not merely another employee, but is in fact, the owner of Little India Grill. According to Walsh, she is in her late 60s (65 at the time of the call in 2012), and suffered some health problems from the stress of the unrelenting barrage of pranks. Not much else is known about her because she doesn't talk to any prankster or person on the phone at all (except Xferrari300X).
Harlem Barber's depiction of Rajel
Rajel (last name unknown) is the other employee who sometimes answers the phone. He was discovered when AntiVenom9808 called with Walsh's voice and he answered the phone, revealing his name. He doesn't swear or cuss as often as Walsh, only cussing when he was called crazy by Walsh. When he doesn't understand what a caller says, he just yells "Hello?" into the phone. When he discovers that it is a prank call, he usually bangs pots into the phone mouthpiece to drive the prank callers away, or sometimes even plucks random strings on a guitar.
Walsh's Mexican
Traditional depiction of Walsh's Mexican
The only Hispanic employee there, this Mexican is known for calling the prankster all kinds of animals in Spanish and, just like his manager, asking for their sister or mother, but in Spanish. He was discovered by AntiVenom9808 in a call to Little India Grill by Chris Hansen. He barely knows any English, so he talks to the callers in Spanish regardless if they understand him or not. The only person who actually engaged with him in Spanish was 3DPrankz, which provided perfect soundboard quotes thanks to him.
Employee 1
PranksAreUs83's depiction of The 1st employee
This employee took the phone from Walsh on the Dale Gribble call by AntiVenom9808 and threathened to call the police on Dale. He was also called by PranksAreUs83 with the Black Guy. Not much is known about this employee since he only made a small appearance.
Employee 2
PranksAreUs83's depiction of The 2nd employee
This employee answered the phone to Chris Hansen and asked what the problem is. He told Chris to come to the front to be a real man and was fooled into thinking that all of the prank callers to Little India Grill are all pimps letting ladies sleep with guys. Not much is known about this employee since he only made a small appearance.
Employee 3
PranksAreUs83's depiction of The 3rd employee
This employee was called by Liquor Store Guy and acted dumb with him. He acted like he couldn't hear the caller and he acted like his feelings were hurt when he was cussed at. He laughs at all prank callers and just doesn't care like if he was a hotshot. Not much is known about the employee since he only made a small appearance. Since he acted like he was cool, PranksAreUs83 decided to use the photo of F1 Indian Narain Karthikeyan as the depiction for Employee 3.
Employee 4
Harlem Barber's depiction of the 4th employee
The most recent employee to answer the phone, he was discovered by 3DPrankz. He is a clueless employee that seems to not know where he is working, or at least pretends as much. When asked, "Is this Little India Grill?" he says "No!" He sometimes also speaks gibberish into the phone. Not much is known about this employee since he only made a small appearance.