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This is a list of soundboard-related songs.

Prank Calls[edit]

Song title Artist Producer Year Genre Ref.
Cocksucker Duncan Xaozzz 2008 Novelty / Jazz [1]
Duncan's Rap Pwnage Duncan Xaozzz 2009 Rap [2]
Dunc-Duncan Construction Duncan EFMDen N/A Rap [3]
You Got A S*** Head Duncan Maximusclecyclone N/A Electronic [4]
Go Smoke Another Carton of Marlboros Rick the Mullet Man N/A Rap
The Worms Song Duncan MrStanflores N/A Rap [5]
California Rick the Mullet Man N/A Rap
Duncan and Scottish Lady Rap Duncan and Angry Scottish Lady XxVideoPersonxX N/A Rap [6]
Duncan raps with Chris Duncan and Chris the Hacker XxVideoPersonxX N/A Rap [7]
$34.95 Satanic Racist XxVideoPersonxX N/A Rap [8]
I don't have a wife Duncan XxVideoPersonxX N/A Rap [9]
In the closet Duncan XxVideoPersonxX N/A Rap [10]
Duncan and Homer Rap Duncan and Homer Scott XxVideoPersonxX N/A Rap [11]
OJ Da Juicegirl Make the Trap Say Aye (feat. Rick) Duncan TotalRedial N/A Rap [12]
Dat-Datboys Chris the Hacker PrankensteinX 2009 Rap [13]
Misery Phone Charles' Uncle Frankgarrettness 2010 Lounge [14]
Can You Handle That? Springfield Pervert FligglePlop 2009 [15]
Chris the Hacker (Umm I mean Rapper) Remix Chris the Hacker Dizzyntara 2009 Rap [16]
The Young Redneck Song Young Redneck Elelisrael 2009 House [17]
Banana Boy Angry Black Guy TheHoboMolester5000 2009 Rap [18]
Satanic Racist raps at The Toy Chest for Halloween Satanic Racist TheHoboMolester5000 2009 Rap [19]
12 Days of Christmas with Duncan Duncan RoDChristmas 2009 Holiday [20]
Angry Homo Escort sings Mack the Knife Angry Homo Escort and Satanic Racist Frankgarrettness 2010 Show Tune [21]
Frank Funked Up 'n FOX'd Duncan Frankgarrettness 2010 Funk [22]
Prank Rap Battles: Angry Black Guy vs. Irate Black Man Angry Black Guy and Irate Black Man ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [23]
Prank Rap Battles: Tiesha vs. Drug and Alcohol Lady Tiesha and Drug and Alcohol Lady ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [24]
Prank Rap Battles: Springfield Pervert vs. White Thug Girl Springfield Pervert and White Thug Girl ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [25]
Prank Rap Battles: Frank Garrett vs. Tom the Pissed off Roofer Duncan and Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [26]
Prank Rap Battles: Chinaman vs. The Jackass Plumber Chinaman and Jackass Plumber ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [27]
Prank Rap Battles: Crazy Sick Old Man vs. Philly Thug Sick Old Man and Philly Thug ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [28]
My name is Richard Roma Al Pacino ThePranksterDJ 2010 Rap [29]
Don't call ma f*ckin house Angry Black Guy ThePranksterDJ 2010 Hardcore [30]
What I Say? Drunk Guy TheConMex 2010 R&B [31]
Gangbanger Philly Thug EFMDen 2010 Electronic [32]
Reverb'n Duncan and Chris the Hacker EFMDen 2010 Electronic [33]
Baby Deputy Martin Spiceninja 2010 Pop [34]
Smells like PRANK Spirit! Chinaman BerbieFan 2010 Alternative [35]
Horny 4 U Chris Hansen Smartheartme 2010 [36]
Meet Me Somewhere Irate Black Man Soundahfekz 2010 Electronic [37]
Damn it feels good to be a Hoosier Duncan TheGoldenPhone2 2011 Rap [38]
White Boy, Ima Smoke U Irate Black Man ThePranksterDJ 2011 Techno [39]
Extreme Crossed Lines Multiple ThePranksterDJ 2011 Pop [40]
The Frank Fiasco - Funked Up & FOX'd II Duncan Frankgarretness 2011 Funk [41]
Worm Cock Duncan 21doogsoh 2011 Rap [42]
Dozer Fuck Duncan 21doogsoh 2011 Pop [43]
Scoleciphobia Duncan 21doogsoh 2011 Rap [44]
Duncan's Long Lost Mixtape Duncan 21doogsoh 2011 Pop [45]
A.O.C. Duncan 21doogsoh 2011 Rap [46]
Money is a Tool Chris the Hacker TheHoboMolester5000 2011 Rap [47]
Frank Garrett Rap Tribute Duncan 21doogsoh 2011 Rap [48]
Can't Afford What I Got Duncan TheHoboMolester5000 2011 Electronic [49]
Grand Wizard Man Satanic Racist KrkNwProductions 2011 A capella [50]
Nostalgia Construction Duncan CootPrankCalls 2011 Rap [51]
GODDAMMIT!!! Arnold Schwarzenegger Myles Bennett Dyson 2012 Techno [52]
Inventus Garrett Duncan Inventus 2012 Techno [53]
Call Anybody You Want Too Duncan CootPrankCalls 2012 Rock [54]
Shut Up! Shut up Guy daeHkiD 2012 Funk [55]
I'm the Mystery Man Mystery Man and Bail Bondsman Puremadnessmann 2012 Pop [56]
Funky Fred Bail Bondsman Puremadnessmann 2012 Disco [57]
Trippy Space Stilwell Grandma Puremadnessmann 2012 Techno [58]
Stilwell Grandma goes Black Metal Stilwell Grandma Nathanjamesbaker 2012 Metal [59]
No One's Called Ya Deputy Martin Sir Cranksalot 2012 Rap [60]
A Springfield Pervert Christmas Springfield Pervert Sir Cranksalot 2012 Holiday [61]
Jingle Balls Springfield Pervert Unoriginalprankstah 2012 Holiday [62]
Docthal Style Chinaman Sir Cranksalot 2012 Gangnam [63]
Chasing the Brendan Respected Gentleman XxVideoPersonxX 2013 Rap [64]
Yankee Style Yankee Tough Guy Sir Cranksalot 2013 Rap [65]
Spamming/Spoofing Chris the Hacker EFMDen N/A Rap [66]
Sexshual Satisfaction Bail Bondsman Margen67 2018 Dance [67]
Bondsh Writers - Shtand Up And Be Counted Bail Bondsman Margen67 2018 Other [68]
Red Hot Gilly Peppers - Suck My Dick The Banned Soundboard Margen67 2018 Rock [69]

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