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Limo Guy


Thomas Bikowski


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Limo Driver






Brooklyn (Williamsburg)


Wife (unknown name)


Reportedly had 4 children

Limo Guy was the victim of prank calls by Al Pacino and Black Guy.


Limo guy worked for NBC at the time as a limo driver. Jay Thomas, an actor and DJ at the time, was on the TV show Cheers in 1980s and a DJ for NBC radio at the time of the prank. He thought a great prank Jay used the soundboard on his show to portray Al Pacino. In the Pacino prank call, Al Pacino claims that the Limo Guy owes him $6000 and later on, they trade insults back and forth as Pacino does his best to go insane on him. Limo guy even says that he quits his job. It has since become one of the most popular celebrity prank calls of all time.

In spite of his considerable fame among both the soundboard and prank call community, there's not much known about this victim and no additional calls which could provide this info have been made to him, since the original with Pacino. He is also known by some as "The Limo Driver" and "The Angry New Yorker" (although this was the name given to another victim, who appeared in this Pacino prank call).

Starting with his first prank call in over a decade, when he was pranked by the Black Guy, the Limo Guy has been making homophobic and racist comments, including mentioning the word "faggot," and dislikes African-Americans and southern people.



  • "Hello?
  • "Who is this?
  • "Yeah, that's what you gotta try so I can crack your fuckin' head!"
  • "I'll straighten you out, where the fuck are you?"
  • "Look, I gotta go before I get really mad, and then I'll fuckin' hunt you down!"
  • "Yeah, you fairy! 'You fuckin' queer!"
  • "I tell you what, fuck my job, I quit, come down instead."
  • "Tough on the phone. Oh, everybody, my wife's tough on the phone too."
  • "You don't know me, prick!"
  • "I'll give you fairy, it's probably your fuckin' cocksucker."
  • "Oh, man, for all my life I'd like to beat your face in, you know that?"
  • "Yeah, I know."
  • "Yeah, get the fuck outta here"
  • "You ain't no man. You half a man."
  • "I don't give a fuck who I'm talking to."
  • "Listen, fuck you! I'm never gonna know you, you're piece of shit!"
  • "I don't know who you are."
  • "Get outta here, you faggot!"
  • "Yeah. You fag."
  • "Where you from? Arizona?"
  • "Don't talk to your mother like that. Get outta here."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
Around 2001 Al Pacino calls a Limo Guy Unknown Limo Guy Original call. [1]
February 22, 2013 Black Guy calls a Limo Guy CommandoRunningMan Limo Guy First call in 12 years. [2]
April 5, 2013 Limo Guy calls himself CommandoRunningMan Limo Guy [3]
February 2, 2014 angry homo escort calls the limo guy CommandoRunningMan Limo Guy [4]
February 17, 2014 Random Asshole calls the Limo Guy TheDamonGant Limo Guy [5]


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