Laundry Bitch

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Laundry Bitch
Depiction of Laundry Bitch




Prank Call Victim


Laundromat employee


Boston, Massachusetts


early to-mid 40s



Janice, also known as the Laundry Bitch is a prank call victim who was discovered by Derangedpranks in January 2012. She was first called by Seven Eleven Focker and chastized the irate young man for calling her laundromat "swearing and acting like a asshole". A victim soundboard was later created by Derangedpranks and used to call Seven Eleven Focker that same day.[1] The soundboard was later publically released on his website and used in a number of later prank calls by Derangedpranks and other pranksters.

After years of inactivity she was called once again in December, 2018. Initially quiet, she launches back into the same hostile demeanor in her original calls after being threatened and cussed at. An assistant also picks up the phone at one point, who reveals the Laundry Bitch's name.


  • "Laundry may I help you?"
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "I don't know what you're talkin' about sir."
  • "Listen .. YOU better stop calling here swearing and acting like a asshole."
  • "NO ONE is callin' from this phone."
  • "Do you hear me?"
  • "I'm a WOMAN!"
  • "What number am *I* callin' back from?!"
  • "What number YOU calling from?"
  • "You're gonna do what?"
  • "And you're gonna show .. me ... who the fuck you are?"
  • "What did I just tell you?"
  • "I don't know what's wrong with you!"
  • "But you know what's so crazy? You're acting like an asshole."
  • "Oh, you REALLY have lost it..."
  • "Why you gotta fucking this and fucking that?"
  • "If you THINK someone .. if you THINK someone is calling you, you should call them and figure out what the hell is goin' on. "
  • "I'm not fucking playing with you!"
  • "I am gonna call the Bahston Police Department .. and we WILL know who's callin' who."
  • "Well be expecting the Boston Police Department to TRACE this call and come to your house."
  • "Do you understand me?"
  • "Do YOU understand me?"
  • "I am not to be played with."
  • "Bye."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
January 1, 2012 Seven Eleven Focker Rampage Derangedpranks Laundry Bitch Original call. [1]
November 20, 2012 Telemarketer Revenge 58: Vacation of the irate Valkyries Revolverocelot2501 Female victim [2]
February 12, 2013 Special Vengeance 20: Scamming Finances (part the forth) Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [3]
December 28, 2018 Laundry Bitch Revisited Scotty Wolfe Laundry Bitch [4]


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