Laptop Dealer

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Laptop Dealer
Traditional depiction of the Laptop Dealer


Prank call victim.


Computer salesman.


Irvine, California

The Laptop Dealer is a victim discovered by Gapehorner in December, 2017. He became a victim after a viewer of Gapehorner's live stream had a bad experience buying a laptop from him on Craigslist, and wanted his number to be called.

He lives in Irvine, California and works at a computer store. He is presumably a native of Israel, or somewhere in Asia telling by his accent.

Prank calls[edit]

In one of the first calls made to him, he shouted expletives at the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard, believing him to be Middle-Eastern, and called him a "goatfucker."

When called, Laptop Dealer will often explain that he is busy working, and that his boss is either within earshot of him, or arriving soon. However, he declined to put his boss on the phone when asked to do so.

In several calls to him, his dog can be heard in the background, even when he claims to be at work. In one call, he was at a park with his dog and had to put it back into his car so he could continue arguing with Duncan.

He tends to use extreme amounts of profanity, while saying that he is "trying to be respectful." His insults mostly consist of fucking bitch, chicken-shit, motherfucker, or a combination of the three.

He believes the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard to be a scammer posing as a police officer from Miami who has put his number on Craigslist. In one call made to him by Gapehorner, he claims to have had constant prank calls for "like 7 months," and to have been woken up during the night several times due to them. In a call made by Hooch Pandersnatch, he believes that he is being pranked by someone who called him and another victim, and putting them on the same line, when in reality he was talking to two soundboards.