Kristen Goldberg

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Kristen Goldberg is a young woman with whom Chris the Hacker attempted to persue a relationship in 2011. Kristen briefly lived near Chris and was friends with him on Facebook. Many of their Facebook conversations were overseen and saved by prank callers. Kristen is aware of the prank calling community and she herself briefly became a victim of harassment from several members of the prank calling community. On at least one occasion she was the recipient of a "vulgar" call using the Chris soundboard and, believing it was actually him, had some harsh words in response. Chris most likely filled her in on the entire prank calling community after this incident. In addition, her relationship with Chris became a source of harassment against Chris. One caller even threatened to murder Kristen and frame Chris for it. Kristen has since moved to Florida and has removed Chris from her Facebook friends and presumably her life.