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Kerpal is a man who used a Pakistani English accent to call a Punjabi/Sikh man named Abatar in Malton, Ontario, Canada and verbally abuse him and his family. He is considered one of the earliest prank callers to have a soundboard, and some speculate that he has been associated with The Jerky Boys, although he has neither confirmed nor denied this. Kerpal is best known for appearing in many notable prank calls such as "You Kicked My Dog" and "Pick Me Up at Airport"; the former was released around 1995,[1] making it one of the first prank calls to be released on the internet.


Kerpal is the main character of the now-popular prank call "You Kicked My Dog" and the sequel "Pick Me Up at Airport". In "You Kicked My Dog", Kerpal tells his neighbor Abtar that his daughter came to his house and she kicked his dog. Abtar's daughter repeatedly denies that she has kicked Kerpal dog and does not even know who he is. In "Pick Me Up at Airport", Kerpal (who refers to himself as Purpa) calls a man named Harpender and asks him to pick him up at the airport. The two argue and insult each other after Kerpal tells Harpender that he is his friend, and then Kerpal says he will come in a Taxi and run Harpender over.

In spite of his considerable fame among the Soundboard Prank Call community, virtually nothing is known about Kerpal, except he claims that he is of Pakistani descent and is from the state of Punjab (Pakistan). Since Abtar's daughter has an English-American accent, it is likely that Kerpal lives in the United States of America. Kerpal also has a high affinity for insulting or threatening the welfare of a family member, as well as targeting him/her for death threats, sexual assault and lawsuits. Considering his supposed law-enforcement background, he has a lawyer and threatens to sue Abtar.

Kerpal is usually depicted as an Indian/African-American man who wears a blue shirt and has black hair, although some pranksters have used pictures of random Indian or Pakistani men to represent him in their videos as well.

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