Karen the Librarian

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Karen the Librarian
Traditional depiction of Karen


Karen Alvira George (née Smoot)


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Former Branch Manager / Librarian at the Stilwell Public Library


1949 (age 69–70)




Stilwell, Oklahoma

Karen the Librarian (real name: Karen George) is a victim who was pranked multiple times by the Duncan soundboard. She is the former branch manager of the Stilwell Public Library, located in Stilwell, Oklahoma, the same town where Frank Garrett lived and worked, prior to his death. As such, she knew who he was and easily recognized the name Duncan Construction as a local company.

As of August 2014, Karen no longer works at Stilwell Library.[1]

The actual likeness of Karen.


She accused Duncan of being an alcoholic, and remarked that she was not scared of him, saying that she had "put up with a damn drunk stepfather all [her] life." She claimed to have been in the process of filing a police report in a later call, which had echoed a remark made by another librarian named Denise a moment before.[2] She later figured out that Frank Garrett was not actually calling the library and somehow discovered the YouTube videos of the calls, leading to the suspicion that she had been tipped-off by a rat in the prank call community.[3] She alleged that Frank Garrett had filed a report with the police, and that she had contacted both the police and YouTube.[4] This incident led to what would become known as the 2008 Duncan Scare.[5]

She was also called at one point with a soundboard of another Stilwell resident, Charles from A to Z Pawn, as well as a soundboard of Frank Garrett, whom she was told was a Sheriff's deputy. Karen then proceeded to explain what had been happening to her library and claimed that she knew exactly who was prank calling her.[6]

Karen is now well aware of the Prank Calling Community and no longer responds to prank calls, except to half-heartedly threaten to call the police. A victim soundboard of her is also available (see external links below). A final call was made to her by Pranktz on October 19, 2012, again confirming her being aware of the call series on YouTube, making her the last called Stilwell victim of the "Duncan-era".[7] She and the Stilwell Public Library were featured in a special Thanksgiving Day call for The Bail Bondsman Games.[8]

In August 2014, a prankster called the library with Duncan in the hope to prank Karen. When a different lady answered, another caller asked for her specifically to be told by the other worker that "Karen no longer works here, she retired."[9] They then chimed in with, "Awwoh piss!"


  • [Stilwell] Public Library, Karen.
  • I'm sorry?
  • That's what I do best (re: Duncan: Bitch.)
  • Oh, I know it. I'm so bad.
  • Ohhh! Well, you may have to take some wormin' medicine. (re: Duncan: Hey, has your mama still got, uh...worms crawlin' out her pussy?)
  • Well, I dunno! It smells pretty good. (re: Duncan: Stupid son of a bitch, I'm gettin' tired 'o your shit!)
  • I just finished writing up a report for the police.
  • Yeah, I know! No, you'll go to hell, [a] long time before I do, Frank. (re: Duncan: Oh, go to hell, ya son of a bitch!!!)
  • No, no, no, Frank, you're not really [unintelligible] and your family's not going to buy you out of problem---trouble, so just get ready for it: you're gonna sober-up in jail, man! Goodbye!
  • You need to try [performing oral sex on a man], you might like it.
  • Uhhuhh. Pruh-Probably is [has "worms crawling out her pussy"], she's rottin' in a grave. Just like someday we'll all be like that.
  • Well, that's true, 'cause she has been dead a few years. (re: Duncan: Sittin' around watchin' the worms crawl out of your mama's pussy?)
  • I don't think so, sweetheart.
  • No, 'fraid not. (re: Duncan: Shit. Scared to death.)
  • No, you're the one who started it, not me.
  • Well, the same to ya.
  • I'm trying to type and talk to you too.
  • Well I can't [come see you], I don't have a car. Why don't you come see me?
  • No, I don't think I've ever sucked any cocks. Have you?
  • No, no, that's just...FRANK! Listen to me! You pulled this shit last week and we called the cops! Now if you're gonna pull it this week, I'll call the cops again and I'll go out and I'll have 'em arrest your sorry ass and throw it in jail! So you either sober-up and throw this number away, or you're gonna rot in hell! Okay?! Bye, Frank!
  • Well, let me tell you, Frank: there's nothing you can say that's gonna upset me or make me run and hide, because I have put up with a damn drunk stepfather all my life and I know how you drinkers act. So...SCREW IT!! Bye!
  • Look, we know you're not Frank Garrett. The police department's already got the report, Frank's already filed a report against you, I've already turned you in to...YouTube, so give it up, okay? Bye.
  • [sarcastically] I love these calls! You record them and you put them on YouTube and it's soooo funny!
  • Well, I...I'll tell ya what, I know who's doing this, so if the deputy wants to come down here to the library, I'll fill him in on the phone calls that we were getting. And they found the people who were doing it, because what they do is they call...they record peoples' voices without telling 'em they're recording them and then...for us, it was Frank Garrett that was calling all the time.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim(s) Notes Ref.
2008-2011 Duncan calls The Library Stilwell Public Library Original calls. An individual listing is not possible due to the 2008 and 2011 Duncan Scares.
N/A Stilwell Library has a chat with Stilwell Police Department Whoruandwherdulive Stilwell Public Library, Stilwell Police Three-way call between Karen and the Stilwell PD. [10]
September 22, 2011 Frank haunts Stilwell library Whoruandwherdulive Stilwell Public Library [11]
October 11, 2011 Deputy Garrett and Charles - Call Stilwell library Whoruandwherdulive Stilwell Public Library [12]
October 19, 2012 Bail Bondsman calls Karen the Librarian Pranktz Stilwell Public Library [7]
November 2012 Charles and Bail Bondsman call Karen Pranktz Stilwell Public Library Part of the Bailbondsman Games series [13]
November 23, 2012 A Bail Bondsman Thanksgiving 420 Pranktz Stilwell Public Library Part of the Bailbondsman Games series [8]
Frank Garrett Calls Stilwell Public Library Stilwell Public Library These may be the original calls to the library. [14]
Jake, Wanda and Bob Chandler call Karen the librarian Jack Inoff Stilwell Public Library [15]
Duncan's Rampage Xaozzz Stilwell Public Library, Toilet Lady, Redneck Bitch [16]
Duncan's Last call to Stilwell Public Library Xaozzz Stilwell Public Library [17]
A tribute to Karen the librarian Whoruandwherdyoulive Stilwell Public Library [18]
Karen the Librarian is retired Stilwell Public Library


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