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Jesus Guy
Jesus Guy.png
Traditional depiction of Jesus Guy.


Prank Call Victim





late 50s-early 60s





Jesus Guy is a prank call victim of Frank Garrett. Little is known of this particular victim as the original call was lost during the 2008 Duncan Scare.


  • "Hello?"
  • "What can I do for ya'?"
  • "I didn't call nobody."
  • "You're the one that called me."
  • "Buddy boy."
  • "Do what?"
  • "You just called me twice so you could cuss me real good."
  • "Liars go to Hell."
  • "You're not makin' me mad. You're just makin' me sorry for ya'."
  • "Have you met the Lord yet?"
  • "Well you will go to hell."
  • "Satan's sure got a hold of you bad."
  • "You're so pitiful."
  • "Why in this world would you call me every mornin' and talk like that?"
  • "You need to be saved."
  • "You still need to be saved."
  • "Go to hell."
  • "You need the Lord bad."
  • "Well you sure have wasted a lot of time."
  • "I'm so sorry for ya'."
  • "I don't have a dozer neither."
  • "You need to go to Church to be saved before you can go to Hell."
  • "We're havin' Church tonight at 7:00. If you'll come maybe you'll get saved."
  • "Great day."
  • "(laughter) I don't have a dozer, neither!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A N/A Jesus Guy Original call was thought lost until re-uploaded on YouTube by Ima Legalfirm on 1st April, 2015. [1]
August 15, 2010 Jesus Guy and Jesus Lady call horny loser from the payphone Nomadcowatbk [2]
August 16, 2010 Jesus Guy Jesus Lady Canadian Teen Drunk Girls call a nerdy jew Nomadcowatbk [3]
November 25, 2010 The Gang Calls A Thanksgiving Turkey Firstcomingg Male victim [4]
December 17, 2010 Frank, Gary, Jesus Lady & Jesus Guy TheMerlinOfAR [5]
September 15, 2011 Old Prank Calls, Part 1 Rawpranks Female victim [6]
April 7, 2012 Easter Special Nomadcowatbk [7]
April 8, 2012 Easter Special Continues Nomadcowatbk [8]
April 8, 2012 Jesus Trio calls the frat boy Nomadcowatbk [9]


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