Iranian Family Fucker

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Iranian Family Fucker
Actual likeness of the IFF


Prank Call Victim


Martial arts instructor


Marietta, Georlisa and ducan thos robon we use to live next to each other call me please I need to talk to u


early to-mid 50s


Iranian American


At least 1 son

The Iranian Family Fucker (real name: Shihan Siamak "Sean" Lamei) was a victim of user FridockShir and Seeco1000 . He was called by soundboards of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chinaman, Duncan, and even himself. He owns the Ultimate Karate and Fitness karate dojo in Marietta, Georgia. His name comes from the victim wanting to have sexual activities with the caller's family members (originally he was named as "Indian karate Man", but the other prankster DaeHkiD suggested a more proper name "Iranian Family Fucker"). The Iranian part comes from that he is actually from Iran.


The Ultimate Karate and Fitness' official website about his history is as follows:

"This is a history of Founder and CEO of Ultimate Karate and Fitness Shihan Siamak (Sean) Lamei. He started training in karate at the age of 12 and earned his 2nd degree Black Belt by the age of 16. He trained under and earned his 5th Don Black Belt in Brazilian Style Hand-to-Hand Combat with Sensei Bobilue. He earned his 4th Don Black Belt in Kanzenryue under Sensei Varaste. He earned his 6th Don Black Belt in Shotokan under Sensei Kanazawa and his 7th Don Black Belt under Sensei Moshfegh. From 1965 to 1979, he continued his karate under Sensei Kanazawa in Shotokan style. Meanwhile, he aided the father of the Iranian Shotokan, Shihan Moshfegh, from 1973 until 1983."
"In 1983, he left Iran to come to America. Shihans Moshfegh and Lamei rejoined in California in 1987. Shihan Lamei continues to honor Shihan Moshfegh by passing on his knowledge of Shotokan to his many students. He also earned his 2nd Don Black Belt in Kung Fu under Sensei Kim. He became an Iranian Air Force Coach at the age of 24, and by the age of 27 he became Head Coach of the entire Iranian Military. He has over 40 years of coaching and training experience and has taught over 5000 students, including his son, Sensei Amir Lamei, who is a nine time National Junior Champion. He was "Most Memorable" in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2009, and was inducted as a "Hero" in 2010."[1]


Sensei Lamei posing with Shotokan prodigy ImmaArnie.
"You gonna be like a leaf in front of me..."

IFF usually answers in a polite fashion and displays a positive attitude toward those he believes to be legitimate callers with genuine inquirues. As pranksters make their intentions known to him however, he will go through a short period of presumably feigned confusion such as claiming that there's a bad connection or that he doesn't understand what the caller is talking about. This quickly escalates into his hallmark behavior as the caller further provokes him, causing him to resort to rude remarks ranging from outlandish characterization of the caller to all-out sexual demands of their presumed female family members. These demands have become more and more perverted through the calls, one of which he repeatedly and explicitly demands the caller's granddaughter be brought to him.

IFF has become aware of soundboard usage and will at times playfully taunt the caller with his jolly laugh and a docile attitude, but will still resort to his perverted remarks if his current temper is particularly short.


"Maddher Fhakker!! Afrikkan!!"
  • "Ultimate Karate and Fitness, Shihan speaking.."
  • "Mahadderfuhker! Un-human. You are not even human.. You are ani-mal.."
  • "Now listen to me and listen good.."
  • "You want me to fuck your daughter and your wife?"
  • "Why, you are, calling me.. from unknown telephone?
  • "Mahadderfuhker! Afrikan!" You don't even understand the society!"
  • "You are dirty as a HORSE!"
  • "If you're looking for someone to fuck your family...then come on down!"
  • "You're calling me and you're asking me who I am?"
  • "You don't even could talk Anglish!"
  • "John Cumble?"
  • "Bring your voiff, don't be shame, I can do the job for you!"
  • "Come here John Cumble."
    "Bring ALL~ your friend and family!!"
  • "You are crazy John Cumble, you are crazy."
  • "If you're not coming you're not man!"
  • "You gonna be like a leaf in front of me."
  • "Send your daughter on down, shuck my dick right now... It is hard... enough... for her." (Possible Haiku, although lacking one syllable in the first part.)
  • "OK, GRAND-DAUGHTER ASS, give me your granddaughter!"
  • "You just bring it your granddaughter, let her SUCK MINE!"
  • "I wanted to fuck your granddaughter" (repeated)
  • "Muderfahker!... Ask your granddaughter to come and suck my dick. She gonna enjoy it."
  • "I'm saying you... bring your granddaughter here.. to make love, and to talk to suck my dick. She gonna enjoy it..."
  • *laughs* YOU CRAZY!!!

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
September 16, 2012 Arnold, Chinaman and Duncan calls Iranian Family Fucker FridockShir Iranian Family Fucker Original call. [2]
October 3, 2012 Iranian Family Fucker calls himslef + IFF calls a Slut FridockShir Iranian Family Fucker [3]
December 1, 2012 The Terrorist Guy gets owned by Arnold, Springfield Pervert and Iranian Family Fucker FridockShir
Various [4]
June 20, 2013 Prank Calling Collab 3: CD1 FridockShir Iranian Family Fucker [5]
June 24, 2013 Prank Calling Collab 3: CD2 ImmaArnie Iranian Family Fucker [6]
September 12, 2013 Meet the Iranian Family Fucker ImmaArnie Iranian Family Fucker The prankster used his real voice to talk to the victim. [7]


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