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IntelligentApeMan is a prank caller who was active during the beginning of 2008 on his former YouTube account, "Shadow6572". Due to the 2008 Duncan Scare, he removed all of his videos and moved on to other projects, even going as far as changing his IP address from the one that he used Shadow6572 on.

In 2011, Shadow returned as "IntelligentApeMan", stating that he was indeed Shadow6572. However, after receiving police threats during a prank call, in which the victim stated that they were aware of the prank videos on YouTube and were going to try to trace him, IntelligentApeMan removed all prank content on his YouTube page. He then laid low for almost 2 years, until returning in 2013, and is once again active in the Prank Calling Community.

Soundboard Wrestling Federation[edit]

In popular culture, IntelligentApeMan decided to do a project called Soundboard Wrestling Federation (abbreviated; SWF), where he would pit some of the most famous soundboard victims into a ring. They would fight in World Wrestling Entertainment rules, and ring environment. He uploaded a promo to his channel when he first started this project. Videos relating to this now get uploaded get uploaded weekly by him.

Springfield Pervert-use[edit]

IntelligentApeMan would use the Springfield Pervert soundboard in not just his calls, but on flash games and social media as well. He has several videos like this one of himself on a game called Stick Arena: Dimensions, private messaging users with the Springfield Pervert's profanity.

Prank calls[edit]

Rick The Mullet Man & Duncan Call An Activity Center

Springfield Pervert Calls Gamestop

Springfield Pervert & Rick The Mullet Man Call Gamestop Back

Rick The Mullet Man Calls A Pissed-Off Garage Salesman

Rick The Mullet Man Calls The Pissed-Off Garage Salesman Back

Bail Bondshhman Daily Dosage of McDonalds Harassment

Thug Wannabe Calls The Bail Bondshhman

Gay Florist Will Bust Your Head 15 Times

Other videos relating to soundboards[edit]

Springfield Pervert vs. The Prosecutor (SWF)

Bail Bondsman vs. Duncan (SWF)