Idiot Trucker

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Idiot Trucker
Idiot Trucker


Prank Call Victim


Trucking dispatcher




early to-mid 50s




Unknown, the woman in the calls may be his wife

The Idiot Trucker is a prank call victim who was discovered by Firstcomingg in August 2010. The original calls were a collaborative effort between Firstcomingg and TheChrisV420 each using the Duncan and Satanic Racist, and then Jackass Plumber and Jack Nicholson, soundboards respectfully.[1] A victim soundboard was immediately created by TheGoldenPhone and was then called by Casino Man, Epic Crazy Lady's Husband, and himself. The series eventually ended when the victim stopped responding to the prankster, however, a few occasional calls have been made during 2012.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Alright. What do you need?"
  • "Fine. How you doin'?"
  • "Who're you? You called me."
  • "Wh-who are ya'?"
  • "This is a trucking company. Are you tryin' to reach somebody?"
  • "Hey idiot."
  • "Hey, you idiot!"
  • "Are you drunk or what idiot?"
  • "What you doin' callin' a business for? Are you an idiot? Huh?!"
  • "Whatchu' gonna do if I, if I don't?"
  • "You an idiot. You're stupid man. You a stupid old fart."
  • "Is this the idiot again?"
  • "You sound like a damned idiot. What's your problem idiot?"
  • "Oh, kiss my ass you idiot."
  • "Are you an idiot or..where are ya'?"
  • " don't, ya' can't even talk you so drunk!"
  • "Ya' sicko!"
  • "You a coward!!"
  • "You chickenshit WHORE!!"
  • "I bet yew can't pour piss outta' a boot, yew stupid idiot yew."
  • "Come on idiot! Come on IDIOT! COME ON!!"
  • "Come on buddy! I wish I had ya' right in front of me!"
  • "Are you the QUEER who keeps calling ... this company?"
  • "Are you a boy? Or are you a boy?!"
  • "I'll wring your damn head off boy. You ain't nothin' but a boy! You're a chickenshit boy."
  • "An' you callin' long distance cause you afraid I'll come after you, ain't ya? "
  • "You're callin' long distance 'cause you too SCARED to fight somebody!"
  • "Yeah, I know there's two of ya'. There's two of ya' till ya, umm, there's two queers!'"
  • "Where do ya' live boy? Where do ya' live? I'll come after ya'!"
  • "Give me your address ... and I'll come over there an' STOMP a mudhole in your ass boy!"
  • "I wish I could catch up with you. I'd stomp a hole in you!"
  • "I wish you lived down the road so I could stomp a mudhole in ya' ass!"
  • "I don't need a zip code. Just give me the damn address!"
  • "You're too chickenshit to give me an' address, aren't ya'?"
  • "Hehehehe."
  • "Your such SCUM, ya'll nigger-eater..."
  • "SCUM suckers."
  • "YOU'RE a nigger."
  • "You sorrier than a nigger."
  • "You are a DAMN USO member?"
  • "Tell me the truth. Is your momma still with the USO?"
  • "Your momma...she still with the USO? Wearin' combat boots?"
  • "She still, still screwin' all the troops?"
  • "I remember her in the USO. She was screwing every damn soldier on base! You remember her? I remember her!"
  • "Your momma's a WHORE!"
  • "Yeah, ain't she?! You momma a whore?!"
  • "Yeah, you even laugh like her."
  • "" 'Mother Fucker'..what was that? Your momma's first and last name?"
  • "Yeah everybody laughs at her."
  • "You really gotta' vocabulary. Know two words."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
August 18, 2010 The Gang Calls The Idiot Trucking Company Firstcomingg
Idiot Trucker Original call. [1]
August 24, 2010 Satanic Racist ChrisV420 And The Idiot Trucker Call The Bar Firstcomingg
Male victim [2]
September 6, 2010 The Idiot Trucker Calls Himself And More Firstcomingg
Idiot Trucker [3]
September 24, 2010 The Gang Calls The Idiot Trucker 2 Firstcomingg
Idiot Trucker [4]
November 25, 2010 The Gang Calls A Thanksgiving Turkey Firstcomingg Male victim [5]
April 18, 2011 Idiot Trucker plays Left 4 Dead Tehaidscanon Various This was an XBox Live call. [6]
June 27, 2011 Idiot Trucker plays Left 4 Dead 2 Tehaidscanon Various This was an XBox Live call. [7]
January 8, 2012 Holiday Head And The Idiot Trucker's Real Name Is... Firstcomingg Idiot Trucker [8]
March 12, 2012 Klansman Ned Tells The Idiot Trucker A Joke Firstcomingg Idiot Trucker [9]
September 21, 2012 The Hillbilly Mechanics Call The Idiot Trucker And He's Drunk! Firstcomingg Idiot Trucker [10]


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