The Human Garbage Guy

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Human Garbage Guy
Common Depiction of Human Garbage Guy


Darryl Rains


Prank call victim, victim soundboard


IT Support at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries


55 (born November 14th, 1963)




Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Religious Beliefs


Actual likeness of the Human Garbage Guy.

The Human Garbage Guy (real name: Darryl Scott Rains) is a customer service representative working at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

He became a victim in May 2017, when he was called by DavidMurdock4 using the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard.

He is well known for his random insults. He is aware of the Soundboard Prank Call Community and the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards.

He appeared in an live stream series where he was laughing like a devil to the soundboard. His real name was discovered when he said it to the Tommy Vercetti soundboard in an unrecorded call, but his real name was actually discovered in one of DavidMurdock4's videos. Around March 2019, The Jimmy Swaggart employees including Human Garbage Guy blocked communication with DavidMurdock4 and constantly hang up the phone whenever they hear a soundboard. And according to Murdock, Human Garbage Guy's been having depression since late-February and early-March 2019.

Notable quotes[edit]

  • "I bet you're related to Barack Obama, are you his gay brother?"
  • "Get your mother."
  • "You hide behind the phone, you won't even make your number there."
  • "Human garbage."
  • "Because you don't have guts to stay on the phone."
  • "You're not even close to a Deputy marshall."
  • "Shut your mouth."
  • "You're a spineless human wasteland, you know that?"
  • "You're a detective of what, you coward?!"
  • "Coward, coward!"
  • "You're the one that's so brave to do this over the phone, because you're too big a coward to do it in person."
  • "You talk, you're the intelligent one."
  • "You're a piece of garbage."
  • "You're one of the biggest cowards in the world, you know that?"
  • "Your game's getting real old."
  • "Your useless garbage, you know that?"
  • "No you called here!, You know you did."
  • "Ahh man, when are you going to give it up?"
  • "Why don't you call somebody else?"''
  • "Why can't you just come down here and see us in person."