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Howard Stern
Howard Stern


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Howard Stern is a radio personality who hosts The Howard Stern Show, which is famous for its sexual and sometimes shocking subject matter. The show has been on the air since the 1970s.

Howard Stern has one of the best soundboards ever made. The board has a terrific variety of quotes with perfect audio quality. Many people have been fooled into thinking that they're talking to the real Howard Stern.

Prank Calls[edit]

Despite being a popular soundboard, Howard Stern is one of the most popular prank callers. The Howard Stern Show has produced a number of hilarious soundboard prank calls, featuring such voices as Mr. T and Homer Simpson.

Howard Stern Show pranks are not limited to soundboards. Other personalities from the show will often get on with news reports, such as CNN, impersonating individuals that the news anchors were supposed to be speaking with.

Howard Stern Calls Himself[edit]

The Howard Stern soundboard was once used to call in to the show. The real Howard Stern took the call and seemed delighted with the prospect of speaking to himself.

Because of this, Howard Stern has the distinction of being the only soundboard character who is both a celebrity and a victim (and a prank caller, if you count the prank calls on his show).

The Wack Pack[edit]

The Wack Pack are a group of people featured on the show that tend to be unusual in some way, such as a skill, disability, their personal appearance; however, Stern has stated that the determining factor for a Wack Packer is not any peculiarities in their personality or appearance, but their inability to understand why they're funny. Not every regular guest is considered a "Wack Packer", nor are any of the show's staff. Some have gained notoriety for personal appearances and have played small roles in films or television programs. The "Wack Pack" name was formally chosen for the group in 1990. Several members have soundboards (or have been called on the air) including:

Bigfoot (Howard Stern)[edit]

(Mark Shaw, Jr.): A "shockingly tall" man, Bigfoot says "it is" quite frequently. His legal troubles back home in Vermont are fodder for his "graphic stories about his time in prison."

Blue Iris[edit]

Ellen Niermer Pinsky (deceased)

Angry Alice[edit]

Gary the Retard (Gary Loudermilk)[edit]

Described by Rolling Stone as a "regular caller" who is "interested in pornography." He dated Wendy the Retard once at a bowling alley and found that they were "compatible." Howard said he set them up because "they had the same last name."

Riley Martin[edit]

Amazing Pet Lady (Debbie Lemquist)[edit]

A mentally ill single mother from Long Island who once hosted a call-in BlogTV show ostensibly about pets (but in actuality became a forum for her to scream at and verbally abuse the caller). She became infamous for an exchange with Ronnie Mund on her premiere appearance on the Howard Stern Show (Mar. 2, 2011), and at a later date she was added to the Wack Pack, as well as becoming a victim of the Soundboard Prank Call Community. She later had a falling-out with Howard Stern and was subsequently banned from the show and removed from the Wack Pack.


  • "Hi. You're on the air!"
  • "Hi! It's Howard Stern on WNBC!"
  • "How old are you?"
  • "Are you cute?"
  • "Are you really good-lookin?"
  • "What do you look like?"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Do you know the alphabet?"
  • "Do you know what sex is?"
  • "But you've never DONE it?"
  • "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"
  • "When's the last time you were with a woman?"
  • "Alright here's the big question, are you a fan of anal sex?"
  • "Doesn't that hurt, though?"
  • "Would you let a woman put a strap-on on and do you from behind?"
  • "When you say you wanted to lose your virginity to me does that mean you actually had fantasies about me?"
  • "We're just testing to see how dumb people are; how long they'll hold the line."

Soundboard Prank Calls[edit]

  • Howard Stern calls Walmart
  • Howard Stern calls a Guido
  • Howard Stern calls AOL
  • Howard Stern calls Himself
  • Howard Stern calls Benchwarmer
  • Howard Stern calls a Flower Company
  • Howard Stern calls an Asian Man
  • Howard Stern calls a Restaurant
  • Joe Pesci and Howard Stern calls the Strip Club

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