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Hotel Jackass
Traditional depiction of the Hotel Jackass


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


hotel desk clerk at Holiday Inn


unknown, possibly late 20's or early 30's




S. Lake Tahoe, California

The Hotel Jackass (sometimes called the Hotel Smartass; real name: Chris) was a smart-mouthed desk clerk at the Holiday Inn at South Lake Tahoe, California. Discovered by Xaozzz, he was called with Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer, Duncan, Chinaman, The Ultimate Warrior, and even himself. His own soundboard used the "Officer Patterson" line, and as Chris believed the soundboard to be a real member of law enforcement, he attempted to file a complaint, attributing the calls to an employee named Ryan Hildebrand.[1]

After being called with the original Chinaman soundboard, the updated Hotel Jackass soundboard with new quotes was used on the actual Chinaman by Zarkrell, who had located the Asian victim of W3baholicx, thereby eliciting more famous lines from him, particularly ones involving Police threats.


  • "Stop calling my hotel."
  • "I'm your fucking daddy. I fucked your mom. How about that? You like that, don't you? You like that; I know you do."
  • "You sound like a girl."
  • [Referencing the character Tattoo from the Fantasy Island TV series] "You sound like that guy from Paradise Island... ‘Da plane, boss, da plane!’"
  • "Doesn't sound like you speak English."
  • [Nonsensically mocking the Chinaman]"Amnikarbarbara!"
  • "This is Officer Johnson, what can I do for ya?"
  • "This is, uh... this is Officer Patterson, how can I help you?"
  • "Ah. Well, you can say all you want over the phone, huh, big ass? But, as soon as you come down here, I'm gonna stick your fuckin' ass... inside-out."
  • "Lay off the fuckin' heroin or something."
  • "I'm... calling the police, right now."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Tom The Pissed Off Roofer calls Himself and Others Xaozzz Hotel Jackass Original call. [1][2]
N/A Chinaman calls the Hotel Jackass Xaozzz Hotel Jackass [1][3]
N/A Ultimate Warrior Calls a Hotel Xaozzz Hotel Jackass [1][4]
N/A The Hotel Jackass prank calls himself and Employees Xaozzz Hotel Jackass [1][5]
N/A Prank Call Request Mix Episode 1 Xaozzz Hotel Jackass A requested call by SoCalCoaster. [6]
N/A Pissed off Roofer & Hotel Jackass call a Motel TehPrankCaller Male victim [7]
2008 The Hotel Jackass Prank Calls the Chinaman and More! Zarkrell Chinaman Partially lost call. On June 7 2013 Zarkell reuploaded the complete call. [8] [9]
June 30, 2008 Hotel Jackass prank call TheuPrank Female victim [10]
September 7, 2008 Prank call collection 1 Trendyrapslut Various [11]
December 27, 2008 Prank Call Mix TheuPrank Female victim [12]
December 30, 2008 Satanic Racist, Frank Garrett and Hotel Jackass Calls Wanda and Brandon DavieDave59 [13]
February 21, 2009 Hotel Jackass and Philly Thug Booty Call Maskedcrusader [14]
August 15, 2009 Redneck bitch makes lady go apeshit TheHarassinators Female victim [15]
October 25, 2009 The Hotel Jackass vs Chris the Hacker Online Lobster Chris the Hacker [16]
November 18, 2009 Hotel jackass prank call + More Andrew Gower [17]
April 19, 2010 Hotel Jackass Calls The Monteleone Hotel PoopCalls [18]
April 23, 2010 Hotel Chaos 3 TheBigBlackGuy1 [19]
May 5, 2010 White Boy Rampage TheBigBlackGuy1 [20]
December 14, 2010 Mini Hotel Jackass calls some Trannys and a bad whore PrankiestMargie [21]
January 3, 2011 Soundboard Mix, Drunk Guy, Hotel Jackass, Megatron, Frank Garrett & More SBRaiderX0197 [22]
June 11, 2011 Hotel Redneck (Castle Motel First Calls) WorldClassPrankster [23]
August 30, 2011 More PC Problems (Indian Scammers Pt. 2) WorldClassPrankster Indian Scammers [24]



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