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Homer and Billye Scott
Homer and Billye horizontal.png
Traditional depictions of Homer and Billye Scott


Homer L.D. Scott
Billye H. Scott


Prank Call Victims, Victim Soundboard


presumably retired


Billye: c. 1934 (age 84–85)
Homer: 83 (deceased)




January 31, 1935 (Homer)


February 17, 2018 (Homer)


Stilwell, Oklahoma


Two sons (Billye)

Homer and Billye Scott were prank call victims who were discovered by TheGoldenPhone in 2010. An elderly couple living in Stilwell, Oklahoma, they were among the first of the town's residents to be called during the Duncan call series.

Homer passed away on February 17, 2018.[1][2]


In August 2010, during a call by MistahBlonde using a soundboard of Bob Chandler, Frank Garrett mentioned the name of another Stilwell resident by the name of Homer Scott and accused the caller of being him. Within a week, Homer's phone number was found by TheGoldenPhone, and he and his wife Billye were called and awakened repeatedly with the Duncan soundboard. They immediately recognized Frank's voice and were at first polite to him but as the caller began to cuss, they began to accuse him of being drunk and said that their opinion of him was changing quickly.

Homer and Billye were quickly made into a soundboard and became the most used soundboard to call Frank with after that time. The soundboard would almost always get a reaction out of Frank, and he was particularly angry with Billye. He sometimes recognized their voices and at one point asked a caller using another soundboard, "Are you akin to the Scotts?"

In the summer of 2011, after the news of Frank's death became known, Homer was one of the Stilwell residents called by TheMasterCall, to get a confirmation on Frank's status. Homer claimed that he knew Frank but had not heard from him in a while.

Homer and Billye were recently called in 2013 by PrankingBad.[3]

These days, at the very least Billye seems to be aware, to some degree, of the prank calling community and displays little patience for prank calls. In one lengthy and revealing call, she revealed that she knew that the late-night call that made her and her husband famous in the first place was not the real Frank Garrett, and that there was never any bad blood between them. She did not believe the caller when he claimed to be Frank's grandson, and speculated, accurately, that the caller was probably recording her, indicating that she has been exposed to her and her husband's voices on Youtube. Because of this, when the Scotts' residence is called, Billye will usually recognize a prank call and hang up quickly. Homer remained slightly more gullible, but still got aggravated very fast.

The Scotts' relationship with Frank Garrett remains unclear. In the first set of calls, Billye said that she had always held Frank in high regard, and in a later call said that there was never any bad blood between them. Upon learning of Frank's death, Homer said that they knew each other but he had not heard from him in a while. Frank, on the other hand, seemed to get annoyed whenever Homer's name was mentioned in a prank call, and even more annoyed whenever Billye's soundboard came on the line. It is entirely possible that both of these accounts are accurate and, like straight out of a sitcom, the Scotts were fond of Frank, while Frank disliked them.

Actual likenesses of Billye and Homer Scott


Billye Scott[edit]

  • Hello?
  • Is this Frank?
  • It's Billye.
  • Yeah, I'm doing good.
  • What do you want with Homer?
  • Are you workin' on, on barns?
  • Frank, I think you're drunk.
  • Are you out in the field working now?
  • I've always had a high regard for you, but Frank, listen my opinion is changing... quickly.
  • If you call here again, I'm gonna turn you in!
  • You sound drunk.
  • Are you drunk?
  • It's sounds like something's happened to you!

Homer Scott[edit]

  • Yeah, I'm Homer Scott.
  • We'd appreciate it if you'd quit callin'.
  • I've been 'sleep...
  • I've been to bathroom.
  • You realize what time it is?
  • I'm not Jesus Christ... I lead a Christian life...
  • We're gonna fix the phone to where you can't and we're gonna report you too.
  • You're How Old?
  • ...and I'm 76

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2010 Original calls to Homer and Billye Scott TheGoldenPhone Homer and Billye Scott Original call.
N/A Billye Scott calls Homer Scott and herself Prankula Homer Scott [4]
N/A Homer and Billye call Frank RobbersQuest Duncan [5]
N/A TheCrankCaller calls Homer Scott (Plus, bonus new call) RQKai Homer Scott [6]
N/A Jimmy Gibbs calls Billye Scott (1) RQKai Billye Scott The prankster used his real voice to talk to the victim. [7]
N/A Jimmy Gibbs calls Homer Scott (2) RQKai Homer Scott The prankster used his real voice to talk to the victim. [8]
December 5, 2010 Homer Scott and wife call a Frank KiwiK rankers Male victim [9]
December 5, 2010 Homer Scott and wife call a lunatic KiwiK rankers Male victim [10]
January 26, 2011 Homer Scott, Billie, Jake and a surprise guest make some calls KiwiK rankers Various [11]
April 2, 2011 Billye and Homer call a friendly Frank KiwiK rankers Male victim [12]
June 18, 2011 McJosh Harassment WorldClassPrankster Male victim [13]
October 25, 2011 Homer Scott goes insane CootPrankCalls Various [14]
January 10, 2012 Homer hasn't been asleep KiwiK rankers Various [15]
January 16, 2012 Homer Scott calls a florist TheShinyPhone Female victim [16]
January 30, 2012 Homer calls Duncan AC KiwiK rankers Male victim [17]
August 14, 2012 The Scotts' call Frank in Alabama Whoruandwherdyoulive Alabama Frank [18]
November 16, 2012 The Bail Bondsman Games: Bail Bondsmans paranoia continues Pranktz Various [19]
February 26, 2013 Homer Scott checks up on the Satanic Racist + Bonus GenerationPrank Satanic Racist
Stilwell Grandma
May 24, 2013 Bail Bondsman and The Scotts Harass Frank Deathskull99 Male victim [21]
July 14, 2013 Mad Mopar & Homer Scott Call Craigslist People Feldschlacht VI Various [22]
June 11, 2013 Raccoons in the bathroom PrankingBad Homer and Billye Scott [23]
Frank upsets his friend Homer MistahBlonde Homer Scott [24]
Christmas Call to the Scott Family MistahBlonde Billye Scott [25]



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