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Führer of Nazi Germany (2 August 1934 – 30 April 1945)


56 (deceased)

Cause of Death





Berlin, Germany

Place of Birth

Braunau am Inn, Austria–Hungary

Place of Death

Berlin, Germany


Eva Hitler (née Braun) (1945 - her death / his death)

Hitler is a characterization of the real life Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 – April 30, 1945), portrayed by actor Bruno Ganz. Ganz starred as Hitler in the 2004 motion picture Downfall, which chronicles the final days of Adolf Hitler's life before Germany's loss at the hands of the Allied Forces in World War II.

Various scenes from the movie Le Downfall (particularly the scene where Hitler learns the war is lost) have became an internet phenomenon. Fans take these scenes and add subtitles to accompany the German audio that make it appear as though Hitler is screaming over various topics such as getting banned from Xbox Live and Michael Jackson's death.

Hitler's soundboard is mostly made up of quotes from Bruno Ganz's performance, but it also contains several quotes from the real Adolf Hitler.

Although extremely difficult to use in a prank call due to the German language audio, the Hitler soundboard is well known due to an extraordinarily funny prank call that featured Hitler teaming up with the Chinaman. This call was so popular, that creator AntiVenom9808 reunited Hitler and the Chinaman for a two part internet series that featured the Chinaman as one of Hitler's lieutenants as the dealt with the police and prank calls, Josef Stalin and the Black Guy, and prank calling the Harlem Barber.

Quotes translated in English[edit]

  • "Traitors."
  • "Everyone's lying to me, even the SS!"

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