Herb Soule

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Herb Soule
Chief soule.JPG
Actual likeness of Chief Soule, as seen during the FOX News report


Herb M. Soule


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Chief of Police, Sugar Creek, MO


70 (deceased)




Sugar Creek, MO


at least 1 son

Herb Soule (September 11, 1944-November 14, 2014[1]) is the Chief of Police for Sugar Creek, Missouri, a prank call victim, and a soundboard. He and his son were targeted in an act of vengeance by the prank call community following the backlash from the A Nightmare on Burton Street series of calls.

Prank call history[edit]

In the wake of the controversial calls, which left many a resident of Sugar Creek gripped with fear, the Kansas City, Missouri Fox broadcast affiliate (channel 4), which serves the nearby town of Independence, ran the notorious exposé on the prank calls and the community's modus operandi, which culminated in the 2010 Duncan Scare. In the report, Police Chief Soule appeared more than once, austerely warning that anyone associated with the practice of soundboard prank calls could feasibly be subjected to his brand of justice, alongside that of the Federal government.[2] This bold declaration was essentially what effected the mass retreat of prank callers that occurred following the news report's airing. At the same time, however, among those who chose to stand their ground and not flee YouTube, Soule and possibly most of the Sugar Creek residents become the very face of the enemy, and it was not long before many were calling for his blood in revenge, as it were.

Although the prank calls and related soundboards to Herb Soule and his son, Albert, have seemingly vanished, a sole surviving example lies in a prank call made by Zoltan5616, "Police call Frank Garrett," which used a variety of law enforcement victim soundboards, including the Soules. Though Zoltan has closed his account, the call is preserved in the "Original Calls to Duncan Collection" by DozerConstruction, and later reuploaded by a specially designated account of BloodyMargie, following the inexplicable termination of DC's account by YouTube due to "Hate speech" violations, which has left many puzzled.


  • "But we know...nationally, that it's been...it's been happening all over the country."
  • "Seven of them...right there."
  • "They use a tr-tremendous amount of profanity and they threaten violence against the people."
  • "They're coming from...a number of different locations, so obviously it's not an individual. And it...appears to be a game."
  • "The recommendation...that I have, is that they simply not engage in any dialogue with them whatsoever, simply hang-up the phone and not answer it."
  • "You know, it's just...harassment, is all it is. Uh...those folks need something to do with their lives."
  • "Right after the highway went in, I saw the need and decided to act rather than wait for people to get killed."[3]
  • "All I'm after is the compliance. If we're reduced from a hundred-and-forty to a hundred-and-fifty violations a month, down to thirty, forty...it's working. That's exactly what it's there for. It's not there to raise money for anybody."[4]