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HarlemBarber is a Youtube user, fan and ally of the prank call community, as well as an occasional prank caller. He is known for his compilations of calls to the Harlem Barber (whom he draws his user name from).

On September 6th, 2013, HarlemBarber's compilation of calls was removed from Youtube for inappropriate content. However, many original calls to the Harlem Barber can still be heard on Realm of Darkness.

After AntiVenom9808's original warning video about Jayuzumi's theft of audio content from existing soundboards made by others was taken down by YouTube, due to a false accusation of being "misleading text or scam" by Jayuzumi-supporter AgentGibbs, HarlemBarber created his own warning video, which was even more detailed.[1] He further encouraged others to repost the video on their own accounts, and provided a download link, in order to ensure that the warning would be distributed to a wider audience and also lessen the likelihood that all copies could be taken down.

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