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Harassment CALLER was an American prank caller who was active on YouTube from October 2013 to May 2015. His debut call, entitled "Duncan and Springfield Harass[ment] - Part 1", was praised by veteran pranksters Jack Inoff and Kaptaintrips, and has been viewed over 1,200 times. He is widely considered by pranksters and soundboard fans alike to be one of the most talented users of the Duncan soundboard today. Harassment CALLER is also credited with calls to Richard Hudson, Satanic Racist, and Stilwell Grandma. The prankster has 21 calls (as of March 2015).

In January 2014, Harassment CALLER called both the Cleveland Police Department and Chillicothe Police Department using the Officer Ed Powell and Sgt. Chubick soundboards respectively. That same month, he took part in a collaboration with Jack Inoff and Pranktz in which the trio called the Hot Springs Police Department and used multiple soundboards to simulate a mass conference call. The call convinced the 911 dispatcher to send patrolmen to the home of Redneck Roofer, the initial "caller" who complained about the call. The victim later referenced the incident in a later call.

On April 1, 2015 it was revealed that Harassment CALLER had taken his own life. However, the fact that the reveal happened on April 1st, which is also known as April Fool's Day, and the fact that his last video was posted on April 24, 2015 has called the truth of this into question.[1]

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
October 25, 2013 Duncan and Springfield harass- part 1 Duncan and Springfield Pervert Male victim 7:50 [2]
November 7, 2013 Duncan and Springfield harass- part 2 - special guest Rick Duncan, Rick the Mullet Man, and Springfield Pervert Male victim 12:51 [3]
December 9, 2013 Rick The Mullet Man Calls A Bail Bonds Company Rick the Mullet Man Male victim 5:44 [4]
December 19, 2013 Frank Garrett And Rick Mullet Are Going To Jail Duncan and Rick the Mullet Man Male victim 14:50 [5]
January 9, 2014 Sgt. Chubick & Officer Powell Call Their Police Departments + Frank Garrett Duncan, Officer Ed Powell, and Sgt. Chubick Chillicothe Police Department
Cleveland Police Department
6:12 [6]
January 11, 2014 Frank Garrett Harassment + Satanic Racist Duncan and Satanic Racist Various 10:38 [7]
January 22, 2014 Lawsuit Against Frank Garrett Duncan, The Gun Owner, Officer Powell, and Rick the Mullet Man Various 10:17 This included a three-way call. [8]
January 25, 2014 Police Visit Redneck Roofer Various Police 11:48 This was a three-way call also involving Jack Inoff and PrankingBad. [9]
February 2, 2014 Lawsuit Against Frank Garrett Continues Duncan Police
14:29 [10]
February 18, 2014 Investigating Frank Garrett Bail Bondsman, Duncan, Officer Crazy, Officer Powell, and Satanic Racist Male victims 11:06 This was a three-way call. [11]
February 25, 2014 Throwing The Book At Frank Chris the Hacker, Duncan, and Meat Grinder Mike Various 10:59 [12]
April 8, 2014 Rick Mullet And Frank Garrett Harassment Duncan and Rick the Mullet Man Richard Hudson
13:26 [13]
April 23, 2014 A Conversation With Lucifer (Satanic Racist) N/A Satanic Racist 8:04 An anonymous prankster used his real voice to talk to the victim. [14]
May 12, 2014 A Police Officer Pursues Frank And Rick Duncan, Officer Powell, and Rick the Mullet Man Birmingham Police Department 13:54 [15]
May 17, 2014 Call Him Lucifer Angry Black Guy
Satanic Racist
Rick the Mullet Man
Satanic Racist
Stilwell Grandma
5:30 [16]


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