Gay Florist calls Epic Crazy Lady

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Gay Florist calls Epic Crazy Lady
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Prank Caller

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Duncan, Gay Florist


Epic Crazy Lady




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Gay Florist's call to the Epic Crazy Lady is the acclaimed finale in the series of calls to her residence. Her number would later be blocked, leaving only her husband available to prank. After many years, the call was finally re-uploaded to YouTube.


Duncan's initiation[edit]

The call is initiated by Duncan, who bombards her with "fuck you."

Duncan: Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! (becomes simultaneous with ECL's replies)
ECL: You know if you would ask God to forgive you [phone begins to garble and fade] for doing this-what you're doing to other people, he would actually give you a life, since you can't get one on your own, because everybody knows that otherwise you wouldn't be tormenting people the way that you do!
Duncan: (ends "Fuck you repetition) Bitch.

Gay Florist takes over[edit]

Gay Florist called immediately after, and the two often began to overlap each other's lines, with Epic Crazy Lady carrying on as if she was still scolding Duncan. She begins to scream by the end of the call.

Gay Florist: Hello?
ECL: ...and when you get kids, and you have to take care of them, I hope to God that somebody sets there and just continuously...calls you, and calls you, and CALLS you, [takes breath] and calls you, and calls you, and calls you, and calls you, and calls you, the way that you do me, so that you don't have time to take care of them kids, clean your house, pay your bills, buy your groceries, or even go in the bathroom and take you a CRAP, the way that you're tormentin' the crap out of me...and I PRAY TO the name of JESUS CHRIST, that you will FALL...OVER...DEAD!!!

Link to the call[edit]