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Dan the Motel Owner
Traditional depiction of Dan the Motel Owner


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Motel Owner


unknown, possibly early to mid 50's




Coldwater, Kansas

 Gary the Motel Owner (formerly known as Dan the Motel Owner) is a soundboard victim who received his own vulgarity-filled soundboard after first being called by OhFugYew in 2010 with a Sergeant Fields soundboard.[1] He often calls victims claiming to be "the owner of the motel" and commands them to meet him in the lobby "in five fuckin' minutes." When called, his wife sometimes picks up the phone, and it appears that his wife is almost always within earshot when Gary is being called.


  • "Do you know who you're talking to?"
  • "You're talking to the owner of the fuckin' motel."
  • "I'll be dressed and in the fuckin' lobby in five fuckin' minutes. You have your fuckin' ass there."
  • "Are you out in front of my lobby yet?"
  • "I just woke up; you just woke my fuckin' ass up, asshole!"

About the original calls to Gary the Motel Owner[edit]

The original calls were originally not uploaded to YouTube, but have since been released by Prank Hill.

Two more calls were made by Prank Hill to Gary's motel using his wife's voice and his own voice, having them talk to themselves; unfortunately, Gary quickly recognized his own voice (or perhaps his wife recognized it), and the call mostly consisted of him and his wife laughing in the background, with Gary coming back to the phone at one point to comment, "That's pretty good, I gotta give you credit."

In 2012, Prank Hill released new calls to Gary, which resulted in new quotes and the release of version 2.0 of the soundboard (see External Links).

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2010 Original calls to Gary the Motel Owner OhFugYew Gary the Motel Owner Original call. These calls were not uploaded for several years, due to unspecified reasons, and would not be released until September 29, 2012. [1]
N/A Bobby Hill gets a pledge from Gary the Motel Owner OhFugYew Gary the Motel Owner [2]
N/A Dan the Motel Owner makes a Reservation OhFugYew Female victim [3]
N/A Dan the Motel Owner calls some hotels OhFugYew Various
N/A Dan the Motel Owner & Officer Martin call a hotel OhFugYew [4]
N/A Gary the Motel Owner calls his own bar OhFugYew [5]
N/A Gary the Motel Owner calls the elderly OhFugYew [6]
November 28, 2012 Bert and his wife Mitch go out for drinks Prank Hill Female victim Call was made to Gary the Motel Owner's bar. [7]
November 29, 2012 Bail Bondsman calls Gary the Motel Owner Prank Hill Gary the Motel Owner [8]
December 1, 2012 Gary the Motel Owner hires a hooker Prank Hill Female victim [9]
December 1, 2012 Gary the Motel Owner calls his own bar again Prank Hill [10]
January 1, 2013 Arnold, Mike and the Deputy need somewhere to crash MrPrankGarrett Gary the Motel Owner [11] June 23, 2013 Gary the Motel Owner and Officer Martin call a hotel Prank Hill Female Victim [12]


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