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Garrett Metal Detectors
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1881 W. State St.
Garland, Texas

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Founded in 1964

Garrett Metal Detectors (also known as Garrett Electronics, Inc.) is a Garland, Texas based company that was founded in 1964 by Charles Garrett and specializes in metal detectors, gold pans and other prospecting equipment. Unsurprisingly, due to the fact that they happen to share their name with the most famous prank call victim of all time, Frank "Duncan" Garrett, it was not long before members of the Prank Calling Community set their sights on the company and began to call them relentlessly with soundboards of him. Based on statements made by one of the company's receptionists in November 2012,[1] this probably started almost as soon as Duncan's real name was first revealed in early 2008 and due to the sheer alleged volume of calls, has likely been the work of copycat pranksters, for the most part.

Except for a sole surviving example by L00n3yTube (see below), all of the calls to Garrett Metal Detectors over the years appear to be lost, if they were ever released to begin with.


Company headquarters in Garland, TX

During the aforementioned November 2012 call by L00n3yTube—in which they were connected into a three-way call with another Duncan victim, Margaret at Adventure Caravans of Livingston, Texas—one of the phone operators at Garrett Metal Detectors, a woman named Sue Wilfrum [sp?], revealed that the company had been subjected to almost daily harassment from soundboards of Frank Garrett for "many" years and was getting upwards of 10 or 15  prank calls per day. She further claimed that on at least one occasion, the pranksters were connected with Charles Garrett, the president and founder of the company, and Robert Podhrasky, the senior vice president, and had proceeded to cuss them out, as well.[1][2] It was also stated that they had reported the calls to the local sheriff's department in the past, but this had done nothing to stem the onslaught.

Incredibly, after all this time and even a FOX News exposé in their own state that mentioned Frank by name and talked about his situation in detail,[3] the company remains unaware of the Prank Calling Community and has not yet figured out that they are being called with soundboards. Instead, they continue to believe that they are being harassed, for some unknown reason, by the real Frank Garrett, whom they have erroneously come to believe lives in the Los Angeles area of California, based on the numbers that have come up on their caller ID.[1]

So far as is known, Frank was not related to Charles Garrett, despite having the same last name. Furthermore, it was specifically stated during the above call that Frank was "in no way connected with Garrett Metal Detectors."[1]


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