Fugitive Recovery Agent

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Fugitive Recovery Agent
Fugitive Recovery Agent.jpg
Kaptaintrips' Depiction of Fugitive Recovery Agent


Prank Call Victim


Bailbond employee


mid to-late 20s



Fugitive Recovery Agent is a prank call victim who was discovered by Kaptaintrips in March 2012. He was first called by Deputy Sling Blade[1] and, later on, by Chinaman, Vietman and Retarded Sheriff.

In the original call, the victim unsuccessfully attempted to intimidate the Deputy by claiming to be a "fugitive recovery agent" and "an officer of the court." It appears that the young man believes his employment at the bail bonding company is the equivalent of an actual law-enforcement officer.


  • "Wh-who are you?"
  • "Are you, um, was you talking, uh, do you realize you're talking to an officer of the court?"
  • "You understand that sir? Or do you want ME to send the police over to you? For harassing a fugitive recovery agent? Is that what you want?"
  • "You know if you wanna call ... and THREATEN ... an officer of the court I can take care of it MYSELF!"
  • "Are we clear?"
  • "ARE WE CLEAR?!"
  • "I- No you said you called this woman's phone. I don't know who you're talking about."
  • "What number are you even talking about?"
  • "No, I don't- are you sure you've even got the wrong, uh, right number? "
  • "I don't have a clue what you're talkin' about. I think you dialed the wrong number."
  • "I'm not gonna tolerate this crap!"
  • "Do you UNDERSTAND I'm a fugitive recovery agent?"
  • "Well who you ARE talking to right now is a fugitive recovery agent."
  • "You called ME!"
  • "You called MY number!"
  • "You shouldn't be threatening any officer and you shouldn't be threatening anybody ... for starters. And you shouldn't threaten an officer of the court either for sure."
  • "Seriously ... I'm a fugitive recovery agent, and I AM an officer of the court, and you're sitting there threatening me, you know, so you shouldn't be doing THAT."
  • "Well that's FINE with me, you know, I've never done anything wrong. I'm an officer of the court!"
  • "I think that you called the wrong number."
  • "If that's what you want I can take care of that!"
  • "I understand that you're probably upset but I don't know what you're even talking about and you're not making anything clear."
  • "Wha- who, who are you talking about?"
  • "Who are you talking to?"
  • "I, um, I'm really having a hard time what you're sayin' sir."
  • "Good luck."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
March 9, 2012 Deputy Sling Blade vs. Fugitive Recovery Agent Kaptaintrips Fugitive Recovery Agent Original call. [1]
July 17, 2012 Fugitive Recovery Agent makes himself CLEAR!!! Quitspazzin Male victim [2]
July 19, 2012 Deputy Sling Blade & Fugitive Recovery Agent confuse a woman Quitspazzin Female victim [3]
August 20, 2012 Vietman / ChinaMan vs. Fugitive Recovery Agent Kaptaintrips Fugitive Recovery Agent [4]
October 3, 2012 Retarded Sheriff vs. Fugitive Recovery Agent Kaptaintrips Fugitive Recovery Agent [5]
October 19, 2012 Birmingham Redneck and family dial wrong numbers Quitspazzin Female victim [6]
July 9, 2014 Fugitive Recovery Agent vs. FRA (short) Kaptaintrips Fugitive Recovery Agent [7]
January 5, 2016 BIGFOOT vs. Fugitive Recovery Agent Kaptaintrips Fugitive Recovery Agent [8]