Foley's Florist & Gifts

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Foley's Florist & Gifts
Foleys florist.JPG
Actual photograph of Foley's Florist & Gifts


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Gay Florist, employees


592 Chestnut St
Berea, Kentucky

Additional Info

Business was founded in 1967 and doubles as a Hallmark franchise; building also used as a private residence by Gay Florist

Foley's Florist & Gifts was the business owned by the late Gay Florist in Berea, Kentucky and the place where he was prank called multiple times over the years. This trend first began with a prank by a radio station requesting his services for a gay S&M wedding. Later, the number for the shop was discovered by the Prank Calling Community, leading to new calls to him, with the prolific prankster, Xaozzz, being the first to call him.

According to their website, the business was founded in 1967.[1] However, based on the Foley's name, the Gay Florist (real name: Donald Lee Rose) was probably not the original owner and bought the store some years after its founding. Based on the listed residential address for Mr. Rose, of 592 Chestnut St. in Berea, it becomes readily apparent that he also lived in the building. This was also the place where he later died.

With the February 2013 passing of the Gay Florist, the shop's future seemed uncertain, but is still in business as of 2014, indicating that a successor has taken it over. Unsubstantiated reports claim that the Gay Florist's sister, Reponzia Rose Scaggs, his only living heir, hired a new manager to ensure that his 48 year legacy lives on, serving the same small town that he made his home.

A few days after the initial announcement of his death was made, a call was placed to the shop in early September by the YouTube uploader and prank caller, Indy The Great, in which it was confirmed that the Gay Florist had indeed, joined the likes of Frank Garrett and Bob Chandler in prank call heaven.

Other Employees[edit]

During one of the very fist calls to the shop by Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer and later, during set of calls made in February 2013 by DragonSanPrankCalls, the phone was answered by two female employees, in addition to the Gay Florist himself.[2] Based on the sound of her voice, it was thought that one of the women was possibly African-American, but it has since been claimed that were no African American employees working there at the time of the call.

A male employee has also answered the phone on at least one occasion. The staff includes male and female employees. 

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Original call to Gay Florist Radio Station Gay Florist Original call is considered lost.
2008 Tom & Duncan Harrass a Gay Flower Shop *NEW* Xaozzz Gay Florist [3]
N/A NEW Call To Gay Florist TheMasterCall
Gay Florist The pranksters used their actual voices to call the victim. [4]
December 2, 2009 CALLS FROM THE TOY CHEST: Thanksgiving pranks + Bonus Harrassment! + SUPRISE AT END!! enjoiCam Gay Florist This was a live call from The Toy Chest. [5]
December 13, 2012 Christmas Special calls featuring Stilwell Grandma + LOADS more MDopvveszZW Gay Florist This was a special Christmas edition which featured "classic" victims including Drug & Alcohol Lady, Redneck Roofer, and Drunk Al. [6]
January 22, 2013 Gay Florist resurrection Pranktz Gay Florist [7]
February 13, 2013 Dr. Phil, ABG, Arnold, and Duncan call Gay Florist's place of employment. DragonSanPrankCalls Gay Florist,
two female employees
Final known call to Gay Florist, prior to his death. [2]